Does OnStar Have a Camera

Drivers or vehicle owners always love feeling secure and safe in their vehicles. It is not uncommon for people to have accidents in the middle of nowhere and there is no help around for them. Or for people to get lost or miss their way in a very remote location.

These are some of the reasons OnStar was developed. It was made to be of great help and benefit to drivers. So, how was OnStar made, how does it monitor your location? Does OnStar have a camera?

Yes, OnStar have a camera. Some features of OnStar make use of a camera but not all subscribers of OnStar will have cameras in their cars.

Does OnStar Have a Camera?

Yes, based on research and other available information, some features of OnStar come with a camera. But this is not in all features, not everyone that uses OnStar will have a camera in their car.

Does OnStar Mirror have a Camera?

Yes, the type of camera OnStar uses is the mirror dash cam. This is for loop recording, parking, and interior monitoring. A search on Amazon for OnStar cameras will provide you with more information.

Can OnStar Record You?

Yes, by signing up and subscribing to OnStar services, you agree to allow them to record you. It is stated in the privacy policy and terms and conditions though. If you are not comfortable with it, it is advised you do not get on board with the service.

What Does OnStar Record?

A new term of service of OnStar suggests that the company is now permitted to record your location, safety belt usage, safety, the status of the engine, several other data about your car and how you use it.

As long as your OnStar is activated, their advisors cannot listen to your conversations or record conversations you have in your car except you calls an OnStar advisor or when an OnStar advisor calls you in your vehicle.

Does OnStar Track Your Location History?

Sources within OnStar have stated that the device uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to assist law enforcement agencies to track down your vehicle.

Even if your vehicle is in a static position, OnStar is able to track the location and send the location to the police to find it.

OnStar also uses this technology, Remote Ignition Block signal that can stop an engine equipped with the device from restarting. In a moving position, OnStar is able to track accurately the location of your car with their tracking device.

OnStar devices are equipped with GPS that transmits the exact location of the car to OnStar. With this, the car owner can monitor and track the location of the car at any time. The device also has features to track speed and direction data.

Can OnStar Track my Car if not Activated?

No. Whenever the OnStar device in your car is out of subscription, it is disconnected from the OnStar grid. Being disconnected from the OnStar grid means that your car is no longer track able by OnStar because the services are on hold till you activate it.

Does OnStar Work when Car is Off?

Yes, OnStar works even when the car is switched off. Interestingly, it also makes use of a technology that can stop a stolen car equipped with OnStar from starting. But if your subscription expires, the OnStar device will be inactive.

As soon as your subscription expires, OnStar transmits a signal to the OnStar device in your car to disable itself.

The emergency button on the device will stop working (a voice will notify you of this) and other automatic features as well will be disabled.

Benefits of Using OnStar

The benefits of using OnStar are:

1. Automatic Crash Response

If you equip your car with the OnStar Automatic Crash Response feature, once an accident occurs, the impact transmits data to an OnStar Advisor that an accident has occurred to your vehicle.

You will be contacted immediately by the OnStar Advisor via the OnStar voice system.

If you cannot be reached or contacted, the OnStar Advisor will relay your information and location to emergency responders (Police, firefighters, paramedics) so appropriate help can be dispatched and provided to you.

2. Turn–By–Turn Directions

OnStar has the service to direct you wherever you need to go. To use this service, you just have to press a button on the OnStar screen and the OnStar Advisor will provide directions on how to get to your destination from your exact location (I know, just like Google Maps).

3. Stolen Vehicle Assistance

OnStar has services that can help the owner of a stolen vehicle recover it. This is the GPS service. It transmits the exact location of the car to OnStar helping it track down the location.

Once it is gotten, the police will be notified and the vehicle can be retrieved. The OnStar Advisor can also stop the ignition from starting remotely and control the speed limit of the vehicle.

4. Hands–Free Calling

This is a very in-demand feature of OnStar that many people love to use because who does not like to make hands–free calls? It does not work like a mobile phone with Bluetooth features though.

You will need to buy a prepaid plan and make calls using the sound system of your car. Thereby eliminating the need for you to take your eyes off the road by looking elsewhere.

5. Maintenance Alerts

This is also a very good benefit of using OnStar. With OnStar, your vehicle’s maintenance is easy and stress-free.

Issues with the transmission, brake system, engine, Engine Control Module, wheel alignment, and others are monitored by the OnStar system effectively.

It also keeps the vehicle owner updated as to when an oil change will be needed and if the tire pressure is low. OnStar also has the feature of notifying you whenever recall notices for your vehicle are published.

6 Wi-Fi Connection

Yes, OnStar has a Wi-Fi feature in cars. If you have the OnStar 4G LTE, your car is automatically equipped with its own Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can connect as many as seven (7) devices to the Wi-Fi right there in your car!! So cool right? The speed is 4G LTE though, which is not bad at all. You stay connected at all times even on the go. This is a major benefit of OnStar.

Final Thoughts

Nothing gives peace of mind to drivers more than having the ability to remain safe, secure, and connected while driving.

OnStar is one of the features that vehicles offer to provide safety to drivers and riders. OnStar gives every driver a feeling of connection whenever they are in their vehicles. It is worth every penny.