Can Home Depot Cut a Car Key with Just the VIN Number

It’s one thing to lose a car key, it’s another thing to get it replaced. Replacing a car key involves a process that only those authorized to do so can make the replacement so as to safeguard the vehicle and your personal information. Therefore, can Home Deport cut a key with just the VIN number?

Yes, you may be able to cut a car key with just the VIN number at Home Deport provided the store branch where you intend to cut the key is offering the service. All you have to do is locate the store and provide them with the VIN number and proof of ownership to initiate the process.

Can Home Depot Cut a Car Key with Just the VIN Number?

Getting a car key cut using the VIN number is a service provided by authorized dealerships of the vehicle’s manufacturer or by professional locksmiths but it might be possible to get a car key made from just the VIN number at Home Deport as long as the Home Deport store you visited is rendering such service. Then you can be able to do so. But if the store does not provide such services, you will not be able to get your get made from them.

To be on the safer side, you need to contact the Home Depot store where you intend to do the services for you. They will tell you whether they offer such services or not. If they do not, you can look for another store.

However, if eventually, the store is rendering such a service, you will have to provide them with the correct VIN number of your vehicle as well as proof of ownership.

They will need this information to kick-start the key replacement process. They may also require you to provide more information about yourself and the car such as your driver’s license or any other form of identification before they will cut a key.

So be prepared to provide whatever document you are asked to provide, and since it is Home Deport, your information is secured.

Other Places You Can Cut a Car Key With Just VIN Number

Here are the common places where you can inquire about car key replacement based on the VIN:

  • Dealerships: Authorized dealerships for your specific car brand are often equipped to provide key replacement services based on the VIN. Contact the dealership’s service department and inquire about their key replacement process. You may need to provide proof of ownership and identification to kick-start the process.
  • Professional Locksmiths: Many professional locksmiths specialize in automotive key replacement and may offer services based on the VIN. Ensure that you choose a locksmith with experience in cutting car keys, and be prepared to provide proof of ownership for security purposes.
  • Automotive Locksmith Services: Some locksmiths specialize specifically in automotive locksmith services. They often have the expertise and equipment to generate new car keys based on the VIN. Research and contact locksmiths in your local area that offer automotive key replacements.
  • Online Services: There are online services that claim to provide key replacement services based on the VIN. However, it’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly research the legitimacy and security of such services before sharing sensitive information online.
  • Local Hardware Stores or Key Shops: Some local hardware stores or specialized key-cutting shops may offer car key-cutting services. However, not all of them can generate keys based on the VIN. It’s recommended to inquire with the specific store and confirm their services.
  • Mobile Locksmith Services: Some locksmiths offer mobile services and can come to your location to provide key-cutting services. This can be convenient if you are unable to go to a physical location.


Home Deport may be able to cut your car key using only the VIN number but be prepared to provide them with proof of ownership as well as other identification they might require. If you were not able to get your key cut from Home Deport, you can use the services of a professional locksmith or dealership.

When contacting any service provider, be sure to inquire about their specific requirements, turnaround time, and cost. Always prioritize reputable and trusted sources to ensure the security of your vehicle and personal information during the key replacement process. Additionally, be prepared to provide documentation proving your ownership of the vehicle.