What Car Rental Companies Let You Drive Out of Stat

As a driver who rents cars from various rental companies for movement within and outside various states, it is important to know the modus operandi of all the different car rental companies that are available to you.

The policies of rental companies differ from one another. These policies dictate whether they are a match for the purpose you want to rent the car or not.

However, while some car rental companies may allow you to drive their cars out of state, to deliver it to another state entirely, on a one-way trip, etc., some companies may not. Therefore,

Car rental companies that let you drive out of state are:

  • Alamo Rent a Car
  • Hertz Rental
  • FOX Rent A Car
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Budget Rental
  • National Car Rental
  • SIXT

Can You Take a Rental Car Out of State?

Yes, you can take or drive a rental car out of state. This however depends on the car rental service you use. In the United States, major car rental companies won’t stop you from driving their rented cars out of state.

Although some car rental companies insist on their rental cars remaining within the state, many other companies provide out-of-state car rental services as well.

They provide you with unlimited mileage so you don’t get charged extra mileage charges. With unlimited mileage, you pay a fixed amount of money, irrespective of the number of mileages you use.

For example, if a rental car company charges hundred dollars ($100) for a rental car with unlimited mileage, whether you use only ten miles from the odometer, or you use 10,000 miles, you will still pay the same amount of money.

What Car Rental Companies Let You Drive Out of State?

The following list contains car rental companies that allow you to drive their cars out of state. They are:

1. Alamo Rent-A-Car

When you are looking for a car rental that offers out-of-state services, Alamo Rent-A-Car is a good option. They have stable and steady cars that are available for rental in the United States and that can be driven all over the United States and Canada.

Alamo cars range by various classes such as the everyday category of cars, compact cars, cargo vans, luxury vehicles and buses, large passenger motor vehicles, and other types of vehicles that are considered special vehicles.

Although Alamo offers out-of-state services for rental cars, their out-of-state policies vary with the category of cars you want to rent.

Most of the special cars don’t have the out-of-state option. They also allow one-way rentals, but if you are renting for a one-way trip, you will be assessed for a drop charge.

2. Hertz Rental

Hertz Rental is also a great option for renting a car for out-of-state trips. According to their policy, most of their rentals come with a standard unlimited mileage, which is necessary if you want to make long trips such as an out-of-state trip.

With the unlimited mileage, you don’t have to worry about the amount of mileage to drive in the Hertz rental car as long as you did not smoke in the rented car, you’re good to go.

Nevertheless, Hertz Rentals might charge higher if the purpose of your rental is to make an out-of-state trip. Also, their policies vary with different locations, as Hertz has bases in more than 4,000 locations across Europe.

Unlike many other rental companies, Hertz Car Rental is quick and reliable. When you need to make an urgent trip or a long trip with no definite return date, you might want to opt for Hertz Rental.

Another great incentive is their one-way policy which is similar to that of Alamo in that you have to pay drop charges.

Also, all one-way trips must be booked in advance. However, because of the swift nature of their response to customers, you never have to worry about being kept waiting.

3. FOX Rent A Car

This is another great option when seeking companies that render car rentals for out-of-state trips. The company gives two options to customers who want to rent a car for a long trip out of state. They tell you to either take a one-way trip or travel through various states.

If you take the one-way trip option, it would mean that you will be charged an extra rental (or drop charge) that could range between twenty dollars ($20) and five hundred dollars ($500).

After paying the extra rental, you will then be allowed to drive out-of-state, and drop the rented car off at the available office in your destination state.

However, this option is limited to these few states; Nevada, Washington, Utah, California, and Arizona. That is, you can only be allowed to drive out of state if your rental originates from any of those five states.

Taking the second option, however, is also restricted to certain states. Meaning you can only be allowed to drive to and fro listed states like Colorado, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nebraska, Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, and finally, New Mexico.

4. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Yes, you can also take Enterprise rental cars out of state. An icing to the cake is that they are also one of the very few car rental companies that do not put a ceiling to their out-of-state car mileage.

This means that their cars are rented on unlimited mileage. Also, unlike their counterparts, they have only little restrictions and rules when it comes to driving out of state.

5. Budget Rental

Almost every Budget Rental outlet situated in the United States lets you take their cars out of state. They are one of the biggest go-to when it comes to renting a car for an out-of-state trip.

Only about 5% of the outlets or locations don’t allow out-of-state travel. Either that or they have certain conditions or specifications that other locations do not have.

These conditions or specifications could be as a result of the weather or climate of the state or country where the car is, topography, or simply because of the state laws.

Asides from that, however, Budget Rental is one of the best rental car companies to rent a car when you are going out of state.

6. National Car Rentals

National Car Rentals are also part of the car rental outlet that lets you drive out of state in the United States. This rental company offers you a decent one-way car rental deal that enables you to rent their car in one state and deliver it to another outlet of theirs in another state.

They have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to out-of-state travels with their rental cars, however, this might differ according to the state laws of where you are renting the car.

If you do not return the car as planned to the agreed location, there is a high probability that the rental rate is going to change. You might be charged a higher mileage fee as well.

7. SIXT Rental

This rental car company is like a hybrid of the companies already listed above. You can take their cars out of state after signing their contracts prepared for out-of-state car rentals.

This, too, depends on the state that you are renting the car from and also the type of car you are renting.

Some vehicles are not allowed to go out of state. Also, it depends on where you are going, just as much as where you are coming from.

SIXT is a very reliable rental company that offers decent rates for out-of-state travels. It combines all the functions of other companies as well.

8. Avis Rental

Avis rental car company, among other companies, has one of the very best rental policies suitable for car renters who are looking to drive across different states.

This is because Avis Rental mostly offers unlimited mileage cars and if you doubt, you can verify while you are trying to make reservations. The only cars that do not have unlimited mileages are luxury cars and huge vans.

Also, with Avis, you can make a one-way trip and deliver the car to another outlet of theirs in another state. As a result of the unlimited mileage offered, this is most suitable for families looking to go on a weekend getaway.

Although these companies have their different policies and specifications regarding out-of-state trips, you can certainly find a car for rent if you want to go out of state in one of all the mentioned companies.


When you want to make an out-of-state trip with a rented car, you should find the companies that allow their cars to make out-of-state trips.

That is half the battle. The other half then comes with finding which – among all the options – is the best choice to go with, depending on your kind of trip and the purpose for your trip.

In the end, your choice has to boil down to what will be more convenient, more pocket friendly, and the company that will give you a great experience.