Can You Drive to the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is the number one choice for a family vacation. It is a major tourist center and a place where fishing is made easy. The earliest known inhabitants of the Florida Keys are the Native Americans. But the question is, can you drive to the Florida Keys?

Yes, you can drive to the Florida Keys from Mainland Florida in an hour. If you’re coming from Miami, the US-1 will take you to Everglades National Park and from there to the Florida Keys in less than two hours.

Where are the Florida Keys Located?

The Florida Keys is a pack of islands that is 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida; it divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. More of the island that makes up the Florida Keys is within the Florida Straits.

The most noted city in the Florida Keys is the Key West. It begins from the southeast of the Florida peninsula, which is approximately 24km south of Miami, owning its southern part of the Key West to about 140km from Cuba.

Can You Drive To The Florida Keys?

Yes, one of the best places to go by road in the US is the Florida Keys. Aside from the outstanding views, driving to the Florida Keys is iconic.

You can choose to call it a juicy moment of pleasant views and enticing experiences. The part that gets you shivering in excitement is the consistent view of the aquamarine water.

You can drive from Miami to Key Largo in less than 2 hours, dependent on what speed range you are moving with by heading south and crossing Infamous Florida’s Everglades.

Afterward, you enter the Key Largo. Proceeding from there is about a 3-hour journey driving through the Keys from Key Largo to Key West.

You can get to the Florida Keys through various means; you can drive from the mainland and other routes.

Is It Worth Driving To The Florida Keys?

If you are not a favorite of lovely views and a suitor of fresh air with peace swimming through the atmosphere, then you are likely to find it stressful.

Making a drive gives you the privilege of having a look at all the keys. You can spend the night in lovely places in which Key West sounds perfect to enjoy the night darkness.

Depending on when you kick start your journey, if you start so late in the day, a stay in Islamorada is good for the night, but ensure you drive through Key West.

Exploring the island is nourishing and therapeutic. You can know if it is worth it depending on what you are expecting. If you are not the fun type, you are likely to find it time-wasting.

What Is The Best Time To Drive To The Florida Keys?

The best time of the year to drive to the Florida Keys is between June and August. This is when the crowd is limited and the beaches are at their best performance. You can also explore Key West in January and May.

Nevertheless, the best time to drive depends on where to stay, where you are coming from, and where you are going.

The ever best time to drive to Key West is to move at night at about 8 pm or early in the morning before 8 am or if you are in for the weekends, it also works well.

If you are a fan of a scorching sun, you can move midsummer before the hurricanes. This time is always free because more tourists are not a fan of the heat.

If you are to move with the masses’ opinion, the best times to visit the Florida Keys are between late April to early June or between November to Mid-December. Times like this are because of the less hurting sun and more tourists that flood the Keys.

Are Cars Allowed In The Florida Keys?

Cars are allowed in the Florida Keys but you don’t really need a car except you intend to move to other places that are far enough. The island isn’t as big as what should you use a car. Enjoy the moment by walking.

The island is about one mile wide and 4 miles long, which is within walking distance. So how long you can drive there should not be a problem.

It depends on your choices and how far you want to explore, but in places where the distance is within walking range; it is always refreshing to have yourself walk around and see things more closely. If you are going as a couple, it makes more sense. Try it.

Importance Things You Need To Know About Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is known for its beautiful beaches and venues for eye-catching structures and animal species.

You always have so much to see, much more to do, and having to note these important factors will help your travel be much more fun and coordinated.

What are the Florida Keys All About?

The Florida Keys is a full-packaged series of Tropical Island which is about 15 miles from the south of Miami and proceeds to over 120miles with major places like Key West (noted to be the most visited and people’s choice), Marathon, and Key Largo.

How Do I Get to the Florida Keys?

Depending on where you are coming from, flying from one of the Florida airports, be it Tampa or Miami is an option, or you can decide to tour the beautiful pathway with your car, passing different routes and touching various islands.

Driving is the most fashionable way of getting to the Florida Keys; it allows you a chance to see more. If you travel in your car, you get to see closely the water-rooted mangroves and areas populated by pine trees.

Why the Florida Keys?

Aside from the beautiful views, diving and snorkeling amongst abundant wildlife is also a reason to visit the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are on the coral archipelago, which makes it the perfect spot for divers to explore.

Diving isn’t scarce in any islands, you can easily learn to dive because it is common and can be found on almost every island.

Anywhere you intend to stay amidst the island gives you a chance to know more about diving, and see people do it and if you are ready to see things in action, you can also try it.

Without skipping another interesting part of the Florida Keys, there is also a chance to fish more than ever. A place called Islamorada is known as the sport Fishing Capital of the world. You can simply catch varieties of fish.

What Food Should You Try?

Nothing tastes better than seafood when you are closer to the sea; it comes with another feeling of excitement. Because of the varieties of fish available, you can as well find various kinds of seafood that can satisfy your taste buds. Fresh fish, stone crabs, shrimps, and many others are popular; you should have a taste of them.

What Sport Should You Try?

You are surrounded by enough water. Sailing, kayaking, diving, and boating are delightful spots you can watch and engage in. A quick check at Key West and Key Largo will show you varieties of options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things you can explore in the Florida Keys. Unlike the Governor’s Island, you can drive to the Florida Keys. A month or a week’s vacation to this place can lighten you up for the next decades of your life. Ensure you go with a camera; you should keep memories of beautiful places and experiences.