Can You Take a Driving Test With a Cracked Windshield

A driving test is a test one must take before he or she can be licensed to drive. The essence of the test is to ensure your skills behind the wheel are good to avoid endangering your life and the life of other road users.

The test shows the dexterity of your skill behind the wheels such as how well you understand the highway rules, the inner chamber of your car, the mirror, the gear, the brake, the sits, the lights, the engines, and everything about a car. etc.

However, what if you have a crack in your windscreen? can you take a driving test with a cracked windshield?

Yes, you can take a driving test with a cracked windscreen as long as the crack is not blocking your view or is not more than 1 cm in size in the driver’s line of vision. However, it is not advisable to go for a driving test with a car that has a crack on the windscreen to avoid the examiner terminating the test.

What Does A Driving Test Mean?

A driving test is a test a driver takes before going to the highway. The essence of this test isn’t to make more money for the organization, it is basically to ensure the highway is only filled with sufficient drivers who know enough rules and can abide by them diligently.

Just like every other test, you are liable to pass or fail. There’s no discrimination if you fail, you will be given another chance to do it again.

Taking a driving test and failing can alter the ego of a driver, most especially if the same mistake is repeated consistently.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield?

Yes, you can take a driving test with a cracked windshield, but should you take it? The answer is No. You might feel safe driving with a cracked windshield, but a lot more are against the fact that you trust too much in your ignorance.

It is your little way of going against the rule of a test, running your efficiency as a driver with a cracked windshield doesn’t really speak well.

If you can be pulled over by the police for driving a car with a cracked windshield, will you now use the same car for a test? It is better to do the right thing at the right time.

However, if you insist on going for the test with a cracked windshield, ensure the crack is not more than 1 cm in size in the driver’s line of vision. If the crack is in any area swept by the wiper blades, ensure it’s not more than 4 cm in size.

Before an examiner starts a driving test, he/she will examine your car type, the general bodywork of the car, external mirrors, and the vehicle glass.

If the examiner feels the windshield is too cracked for the test, he/she can decide to terminate the test. When this happens, you won’t be able to test the test for the day and the test fee won’t be refunded.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In Texas?

In Texas, it is mandated that your car is as clean as you. A tiny obstruction in your sight of view is counted offensive according to the law, and it serves as proof that you are not ready to take the test. It is the duty of the driving examiner to be sure you are in full control of the vehicle.

There isn’t any direct law in Texas that addresses your broken windshield, but there are laws that speak on anything that is likely to obstruct your view.

Application of advertising stickers, religious stickers, or anything that can cause an obstruction in your view, like a broken windshield opposite your line of sight, will attract a fine from the Texas Federation.

The windshield on its own doesn’t bring you under the law for punishment when your vehicle is being inspected but if the wiper is affected or the glasses are not producing the right views because of a tiny crack or a splash of cracks, the governmental body may fine you for breaking the law.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In Georgia?

Georgia is on fire when it involves a crack in your windshield, provided the crack on the windshield isn’t above 3 inches by 3 inches, you are safe to tour every part of the country, including taking a driving rest.

Aside from having your crack below the 3-inch by 3-inch dimension, it is expected that the small crack doesn’t affect your vision or affect your windshield wiper.

If it affects the activeness of your sight and the effectiveness of the car wiper, seek a repair and have it fixed before taking the test.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In Arizona?

A no-crack is a faster way to take the test and a small crack that doesn’t impair the driver’s view is allowed in Arizona.

A driving test can be taken provided the windshield wiper is active enough to wipe through the screen, taking away snow, rain, and any other type of implicating moisture.

Just like other countries, Arizona is keen on ensuring every moving vehicle is allowed to take the driving test. It is expected that you avoid and neglect any instances that can impair the vision of the person behind the wheel.

If a sticker or a crack is doing that, a quick replacement is advised, or removing the sticker can do.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In Ohio?

Just like in Arizona and Georgia, as long as your windshield doesn’t prevent you from seeing, you are fine.

Ohio isn’t as hardened to drivers with a cracked windshield compared to Arizona and Georgia. But it is still best to have it fixed and replaced as soon as possible.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In California?

An unobstructed view is the goal of every driving examiner, and the same applies in California. Examiners in California have no issue with your cracked screen, provided it stays far away from your sight.

Can You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield In Florida?

It is the same with Florida. A ghost is a ghost in every state, just as a windshield law has common penalties in every state.

In Florida, provided your site isn’t obstructed, you are free to take the test without having to fear getting a red light in a driving test. You may have nothing on your windshield that obstructs you from seeing the road properly.

What Happens When You Take A Driving Test With A Cracked Windshield?

You will not be penalized for a cracked windshield provided it is small and doesn’t obstruct your view or position itself as a danger to you and every other driver on the highway.

However, if the crack is too much and obstructs either your view or the effectiveness of the wiper, the examiner can decide to terminate the test for that day. The decision of the examiner is final.

Disadvantages of Taking a Driving Test With a Cracked Windshield?

The disadvantages of taking a driving test with a cracked windshield are:

1. Exposure to Danger

Aside from the fact that a cracked windshield isn’t much of a problem for a driver, a tremendous impact on the car can cause it to crash.

We can’t tell if your driving test will go well without hitting the car on something that causes the windshield to feel more vulnerable.

Extreme impact on a car can have your cracked windshield break completely, which isn’t safe for anyone occupying the forward seat of the vehicle. Trust me, crashing the car during a driving test is the worst driving test mistake you will ever make.

 2. You Get a Red Strike

Provided your cracked windshield doesn’t just spoil the beauty of your car but obstructs your view likewise, the examiner is empowered to stop you from taking the test and allowed you to re-take when the windshield is fixed.

3. Your Vehicle Isn’t as Supported as you Think

A windshield in its right state of strength provides support to a vehicle. With the windshield cracked, its ability to provide support to the car roof becomes limited. A hard impact or a hit on the car can make the windshield break, leaving the car extremely vulnerable.

Final Thought

Whether it obstructs your view or not, taking a driving test with a cracked windshield is not advisable. The examiner can stop you from taking the driving test. A repair or a replacement can solve the problem. Get a repair or have it replaced before taking the test.