Why is Driving on an Expressway Different from Driving on an Ordinary Street

As a car owner, you must have driven in an expressway as well as an ordinary street, and without being told, you must have noticed that it feels different driving in these two areas. So, Why is driving on an expressway different from driving on an ordinary street?

Driving on an expressway is different from driving on an ordinary street because you must think faster and handle your vehicle more efficiently. Traffic travels faster on expressways than on an ordinary street, hence, the need to think faster and ensure your vehicle is handled more efficiently.

Why is Driving on an Expressway Different from Driving on an Ordinary Street?

Here are why driving on an expressway is different from driving on an ordinary street:

1. High Speed

On an expressway, people tend to speed way more than is expected of them. Some can even go higher than the recommended speed limit.

If it is an expressway with no speed limit, those who drive fast cars can over speed unlike an ordinary street where there is a speed limit to follow, and failure to follow the speed limit can land you in big trouble.

2. You Must Think Faster and Handle Your Vehicle More Efficiently

While driving on an expressway, you are not just expected to think faster, you are equally expected to handle your vehicle more efficiently. This is because, since people can over speed on an expressway, your utmost attention is required while driving.

Moreover, should in case a car over speeds and runs into your lane, trying to hit you, you should be able to think faster and know how to handle your car to avoid an accident or car crash,

3. Greater Safety

Sometimes, you tend to see fewer cars in an expressway than on an ordinary street. Driving on an expressway is somehow safer because it is usually in one direction which makes it possible for vehicles to focus on their driving. Having a one-direction expressway helps to avoid accidents, especially head-on collisions.

4. Comfort and Convenience for Drivers and Passengers

Driving on an expressway brings more comfort and convenience than on an ordinary street because, on an expressway, the road is usually free with less traffic.

There is less slowing down and speeding off again. It makes driving more convenient, not just for the driver alone, but for the passengers as well.

5. Lower Vehicle Operating Cost

If you are driving on an expressway, you will save more money on vehicle repair than when driving on an ordinary street.

For example, your brake pads will last longer than those who constantly drive on an ordinary street. This is because, in an ordinary street, you tend to use more brakes and you may be prone to scratches and other car damages.

Also, you save more gas using an expressway than on an ordinary street. All of these help to lower the cost of operating the vehicle.

6. Careless and Dangerous Driving

Driving on an expressway is different because some drivers tend to drive carelessly because they feel that they are on an expressway.

But on an ordinary street, you must drive cautiously else you scratch somebody’s vehicle. Besides, you wouldn’t want your vehicle to be scratched as well.

7. One-Direction Driving

Expressways are usually one-direction driving which makes it safer than two-direction driving which is common in an ordinary street.

As reiterated earlier, one-direction driving helps to prevent any form of head-on crashes/collisions because all cars are moving in the same direction.

8. No or Less Sudden Stops

On an expressway, you drive effortlessly with fewer or no sudden stops. But ordinary streets are full of sudden stops. You have to stop for cars that are reversing back, driving out, or turning in a driveway.

If you are unfortunate to be at the back of a driver who is good at following another vehicle bumper to bumper, the sudden stops may increase where you have to quickly use your brakes because the one in your front suddenly stopped.

9. No or Fewer Pedestrians Crossing

On an expressway, you see fewer or no pedestrians crossing the road than on an ordinary street. This will also help in minimizing sudden stops and the use of brakes. You don’t have to suddenly stop because you saw someone crossing the road.

10. No or fewer Intersections

There are fewer or no intersections on an expressway than on an ordinary street.

11. No or Less Sudden Curves

On an expressway, there are fewer or no sudden curves unlike what we see on an ordinary street.

12. No or Less Railroad Stops/Crossing

On an expressway, there are less or no railroad stops and crossings making driving more convenient for drivers and passengers.

13. Driving on an Expressway is More Fun

To be honest, from my years of driving, I’ve comes to realize that driving on an expressway is more fun than an ordinary with the reasons being that there are no or fewer sudden stops, etc.

On an expressway, you tend to express yourself by driving as well as utilizing your driving skills. You don’t have to be bothered by the speed limit and since it’s usually in one direction, your attention is more focused on driving than your surroundings.

If you own a manual car, you will understand what I’m talking about. No matter how much you love driving a manual car, it is a whole new feeling when you are on an expressway rather than an ordinary street. You tend to use less clutch and brake because the road is free with no or fewer traffic and sudden stops.

How Do You Drive on an Expressway?

To drive on an expressway, you need to:

  • Know how to drive. Make sure your hands are already strong on the steering
  • Plan your journey before starting and ensure you have enough traveling time
  • Always make sure to look ahead. Don’t be ignorant of this because you feel that the road is in one direction
  • You should always enter slowly and accelerate quickly to avoid another fast car that is still far from your from crashing into your car.
  • Just make sure to drive cautiously

How Do You Drive on an Ordinary Street?

To drive on an ordinary street, you need to be watchful and think fast. Don’t over speed to avoid crashing into another car.

Ensure your brakes are in good condition and be conscious of the sudden stops and intersections. Most importantly, do not over speed to avoid being penalized.

Final Thoughts

From the differences discussed above, it’s already obvious that driving on an expressway is more fun than on an ordinary street. It also saves vehicle operating costs and gives you the ability to enjoy your car. Imagine how boring it will be to always drive your V10 vehicle on an ordinary street.