How to Stop Cars from Turning Around in Your Driveway

The fact that every home has a driveway doesn’t mean people should be using it to make a U-turn. It might not be safe if they continue to do so. So, how do you stop cars from turning around in your driveway?

To stop cars from turning around in your driveway;

  • Install a speed bump at the entrance of your driveway,
  • Install a remote-controlled gate or a fence
  • Make your driveway to be too narrow for a car to turn in it
  • Park your car towards the entrance of your driveway
  • Install a no U-turn signpost in your driveway
  • Hook a chain at the entrance of your driveway

Driveways are private property and people shouldn’t use other people’s driveways without their permission because it could be considered trespassing and, if the owner chooses to, they can take legal action against the trespasser.

Is it Possible to Stop a Car from Turning Around in Your Driveway?

Yes, it is very possible to stop a car from turning around in your driveway. It can be frustrating sometimes, to see cars make a U-turn in your driveway, especially if you have kids playing within the place.

Also, the lights from the headlamps of the cars trying to turn in your driveway at night could be very disturbing when they shine brightly into the rooms in the house.

Therefore, it is very possible to make sure that nobody uses your driveway to make a U-turn and there are a few ways to do it.

How to Stop Cars from Turning in Your Driveway.

To stop cars from turning in your driveway;

1. Install a Speed Bump at the Entrance of Your Driveway

One of the best ways to stop people from driving into your driveway to make turns is getting speed bumps at the entrance of your driveway and at intersections with the lines of your property.

Installing speed bumps is an indication that you do not want people to make turns in your driveway, so other drivers will not have any other choice but to go through with driving to the nearest U-turn instead of making use of your driveway.

Speed bumps are less likely to be damaged by snow plows or cars driving over them over time and they do not require maintenance, compared to other types of barriers.

These speed bumps that are being installed should be large enough so that even if someone still tries to drive through them, there is just not enough room on either side for the wheels of their vehicles to pass through.

However, while installing speed bumps in your driveway, ensure to inquire from your local authorities, about the possibility of having a speed bump in your driveway to avoid breaking any law.

If possible, inform them of the reason why you want the speed bumps to be installed in the first place and hear what they have to say.

2. Use a Gate or a Fence

Another option that is very suitable for controlling the issue of random drivers turning in your driveway is installing a remote-controlled gate or a fence.

The gate or fence that is installed will definitely keep drivers away from making turns in your driveway and make sure that they use the right provisions that have been made for turning.

Also, people that live closer to you cannot drive over the barriers just so that they can get to their homes faster.

3. Make Your Driveway Too Narrow for a Car to Turn Around

One of the other ways to make sure that cars do not turn around in your driveway is by making your driveway narrow such that no one can turn around in it.

You can do this by ensuring that your driveway is narrower than the normal-sized driveway or by adding a curve at the end of your house.

Doing this will not prevent you from entering and driving out of your house. Just that, you or anyone cannot make a U-turn in the driveway.

4. Park Your Car Towards Your Driveway

Parking your car at the end of your driveway is also effective because by doing so, it becomes very difficult for any other vehicle to drive into the driveway.

Also, other drivers would not be able to turn because there won’t be enough space to get into the driveway and make a turn.

5. Make Use of a Signpost

Install a no U-turn signpost at the entrance of your driveway to stop cars from making turns in your driveway.

Nevertheless, installing a no U-Turn signpost in your driveway is the best and cheapest way to prevent cars from turning in your driveway.

Also, it will not change the look of your driveway. It is better than installing a fence or gate. With the sign visible at your driveway, drivers who decide to ignore it can be fined for trespassing.

6. Hook a Chain at the Entrance of Your Driveway

This is the simplest and least expensive of the ways to stop cars from turning in your driveway. All you need is a chain and two poles to hold the chain.

Just install the poles on the two ends of the driveway and place the pole on the so that it cuts across the entrance, blocking the entry of unwanted vehicles.

This option is majorly for those who cannot afford any of the other options explained above, or those that consider getting a gate or fence too much stress.

Reasons Why you Should Stop Cars from Turning Around in Your Driveway

There are many reasons why you should stop cars from turning around in your driveway, they are:


Turning around on the lawns or on a landscape that is not meant for turning could be dangerous for all the drivers, pedestrians, and children in the area.

Environmentally Friendly

Turning around is bad for the environment because normally, turning around uses more gas than just driving straight down the road and more exhaust gas is let out into the atmosphere.

This can lead to air pollution as well as an increased carbon footprint in the area from all those cars that are trying to turn around in the area because they do not want their turnaround maneuvers to take too long.

Peace of Mind

When you own a house with a driveway, coming home after a long day and facing unexpected obstacles blocking your driveway (such as having parked cars blocking access into your home or driveway) could be very draining, annoying, and frustrating as well.

When you have measures in place to make sure that drivers cannot get into your driveway, you will feel much more comfortable and your mind will be at peace.

Prevents Destruction of Property

When the movement of drivers that choose to turn in other people’s driveways is restricted, your property is safe. This way none trying to turn in your driveway cannot accidentally spoil or break something that is yours.

Also, you will be able to save the money that you would have spent trying to fix anything that was broken because anyone that breaks something in your driveway could get away with it if you are not at home at the time the damage was done.


Every landlord or house owner has the right to choose whether to allow people to turn in their driveway or not. If their decision is not to allow anyone to turn in their driveway, this decision should be respected.

Everybody might not be capable to put up a gate at their house, a fence, or even a chain across the driveway so their decision should be respected and even if it’s a signpost, it should still be respected and obeyed.