What to Do When the Windshield Cracks in a Rented Car

A lot of things can go wrong, but not a crack in the windshield of a rented car. It takes processes to have it settled. No one wants to go through such a stressful experience.

However, the question remains, what to do when the windshield cracks in a rented car?

When the windshield cracks on a rented car, reach out to the company where you rented the car to come up with a suitable agreement. Do not repair the cracked windshield without first informing the company.

Can A Rented Car Windshield Crack?

Yes, a rented car windshield can crack.

You can experience a windshield crack in your rented car if care is not taken. The crack can be an enormous crack or a small one. Either way, it is a possibility.

What Can You Do To A Windshield Crack in a Rented Car?

The agreement made to get a rented car is that “You return just the way you took it”. No one cares if after 5 minutes the car broke down; neither does anyone care if it took hours before the fault came up. “You bring back the golden shining baby boy just the way you took it to avoid issues”.

Now that we have the windshield of our rented car cracked, what can be done? There isn’t much to do than to reach out to the owners of the vehicle to come up with a suitable agreement.

Aside from the fact that you will bear the losses yourself, if you have insurance that covers glass and your monthly insurance dues are duly paid, reach out to them with a detail of how things went wrong and have them cover up for the expenses.

But if you are a newbie or you don’t even own a right in any insurance company, just reach out to the car owner about the crack, don’t try to fix it yourself.

Ensuring that you inspect a car and take pictures is a crucial step you shouldn’t miss out on. It is important to avoid placing blame on yourself or anyone. With enough pictures, you can justify and dispute any claims.

It would be super good if you have yourself backed up by an insurance policy, it is then you wouldn’t need to spend funds replacing the cracked windshield. Be it small or big, no dealer will collect a car with a broken windshield from you.

If you don’t have insurance somewhere that can bear your bills, it is appropriate for you to see the dealer and make an agreement that is favorable to both parties.

You can’t escape paying a fee, but you can always come up with a more suitable amount to have it repaired or replaced.

How Can A Rented Car Windshield Get Cracked?

A rented car windshield can get cracked if:

1. Drive Behind a Car on a Road with Gravel

Being in the front of a vehicle works the wonders on a gravel road. Staying behind can throw gravel at your windshield, which itself isn’t your fault or the fault of the driver before you.

When driving on a gravel road, leave a few centimeters behind any car or possibly avoid the road completely.

2. Accident

It is possible to avoid accidents but most times, it just happens probably if you drive on a very busy road.

Unlucky situations can happen, someone can throw something on your windshield unknowingly, and we can have flying rocks or someone hitting you so hard from the rear. Anything can happen.

3. A Direct Interaction Between your Glass and Sunlight

Direct sunlight to your glass can cause it to expand exponentially, leading it to crack.

Maybe you rented the car for a longer time and you have it parked directly in the sun not knowing where you hired the car from has also exposed it to sunlight one way or the other, it can cause a crack and will require you to repair or have it replaced.

4. If the Windshield is Poorly Installed

A windshield that is poorly installed will crack. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. The more is being used, the more the poorly installed windscreen is getting loose. Soon, a crack may appear. In this case, it is definitely not your fault but you will still have to cater for the expenses.

Who Pays For A Cracked Windshield On A Rented Car?

Generally, it is the person that was using the car when it got cracked that will pay for the cracked windshield. However, if the renter has an insurance policy that covers glass, they may pay for the cracked windshield.

The dealer won’t be the one to bear the loss, it will either be a loss you bear or a loss an insurance company will bear, provided you have the rented car insured and a good description of the event so you can tender to the insurance organization.

Moreover, driving with a cracked windshield is bad, the police can pull you over for driving with a cracked windshield. Therefore, contact the rental company and discuss the necessary procedure to take.

How much does It Cost to Replace a Windshield in a Rented Car?

It may cost between $100 to $1500 to have a windshield replaced excluding the cost of the new windshield that is being replaced.

A rented car is still a car, so it bears the same cost as any other car. There are many factors that can determine the price of a windshield, the model, the type of windshield used, who is doing it, where you are doing it, and other minor factors.

The price may vary. 100 – $1500 to have the windshield replaced minus insurance, but with insurance, you can have it replaced without having to spend much depending on what agreements you have with the insurance company.

Do Rental Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield?

Depending on the contract or the plan subscribed to the insurance organization will tell you if your cracked windshield will get fixed for you.

Insurance companies are organizations with strict policies and it is easy to have your funds in than out. You will require a lot of details for funds released.

You can use your personal insurance plan to cover any rental damages in your agreement with your insurance partners.

With this, you can get a fix or a repair. If the glass isn’t a part of your plans with the insurance organization, it means you will bear the weight all alone.

Many insurance companies will ensure you have a fix if your personal insurance has the renting covered.

If you own a low-priced car and the rented car is way high above your league, the insurance company may reject your request or simply request that you pay a part of the damages fees.

How much does Avis Charge for a Cracked Windshield?

Avis has a superb way of making you pay for damages; the least you could expect is $200. It can be worse.

Nothing is safer than having pictures of when you got the ride, and when you return it because even after a month, you can get a letter from Avis claiming you will have to pay for damages. It is suitable to be on the safer side.


The only safe way around this is to have yourself extra careful with the roads you pass and to be vigilant on a busy road. Taking pictures when due can save you stress and inform your insurance about the issue at hand before taking any step.

Never repair a cracked windshield on a rental car on your own without first informing them, ensure you contact the car dealer or the insurance company to know what is more profitable to do.