How to Get Free Shower at Pilot

Drivers who are constantly on the road, for many days or months also need to have their baths and take care of their hygiene the same way regular people living in regular houses do.

This poses a fix, as they obviously cannot do without taking a shower, or taking a shower in their car, or just outside in a field; neither can they go into a stranger’s house or lodge in a hotel just to use the shower.

The best thing to do is pay for a shower at Pilot, and this usually costs twelve dollars ($12) or even more, depending on the location. However, do you know you can save this amount of money by getting a free shower at Pilot Therefore, how to get a free shower at Pilot should be the question.

If you want to get free showers at the Pilot, you have to purchase above 500 gallons of fuel in a single month. That way, you get Pilot’s MyRewards card for free showers that have an expiry date.

Do Pilots Give Free Showers?

Yes, they do. Pilots give free showers to people they recognize as loyal, repeat customers. Many customers who are constantly on the road require showers, and while Pilot offers paid showers for $12, they also give them for free.

As long as you are a regular customer and have gotten more than 500 gallons of fuel at their fuel station within a month, then you qualify for free showers at Pilots.

The showers they give their customers are daily showers, that is, one free shower a day, to all the drivers that pump over 500 gallons of fuel within a month.

How to Get a Free Shower at Pilot

The only way you can get a free shower at Pilot is if you fuel a minimum of 500 gallons of fuel at any of their Pilot and Flying J locations in the space of a month.

When you hit over 500 gallons of fuel, you will be recognized as a driver who is always on the road, and you will obtain a MyRewards card from Pilot that avails you of one shower in a day.

This way, you never have to worry about your hygiene if you are always on the road. Also, you never have to pay the $12 required every time you want to get a shower at Pilot. It will be completely free of charge.

However, you should note that the MyRewards card that qualifies you for getting a free shower also has an expiry date.

This means that you don’t get free showers for the rest of your life at Pilot or Flying J simply because you filled more than 500 gallons of fuel in just one month.

The MyRewards card, or shower credits as others call it expires after ten days of obtaining the card. This means that you have to earn the credit again by fueling up to 500 gallons within a month.

Does Every Pilot Have a Shower?

Yes, every Pilot has a shower. Pilot Flying J is arguably the largest chain of Truck Stops with over seven hundred locations across the United States and Canada. Each of their locations is up to standard with standard restrooms and sometimes even private suites.

Therefore, yes, every Pilot and Flying J location has a shower. The restrooms are usually very comfortable and refreshing, this is why the locations are popular among drivers who are almost always on the road.

If you are on a very long journey that is taking days, and you need to keep up with good hygiene, you can be very sure to get a proper shower and refreshments at the next Pilot location you find on your journey.

How to Shower at a Pilot

If you are taking a shower at a Pilot for the very first time, all you need to do is pull up, go to the counter where the attendant would likely be ready to attend to you and tell him or her that you would like to purchase a shower.

It is always a smooth process. At a Pilot, the counter where you purchase gas is the same counter where you go to buy a shower.

The shower costs $12, and you should have no problems provided you follow the attendant’s directions.

How to Activate the Showers on the Pilot App

With the recent innovations in digital technology, you can now activate and reserve a shower on the Pilot application on your phone, even before you get to the location.

All you need to do is download the app on your phone, log onto the app with your details, and then click the “My Reservations” tab on the right.

A dashboard will come up that gives you two options, whether you want to pay $12 for the shower, or you want to use shower credits if you have enough.

Once you click on the option you want to use, you will be given a customer waiting number and a PIN peculiar to you.

The customer waiting number is the number of customers waiting to use the shower at the location. This means, that if your customer waiting number is six, you have 5 people ahead of you waiting in line to use the shower.

Once your number is called, you will simply go to the shower door and type in the PIN for the door to open, and you can go in to have your shower.

It is paramount to note here that the PIN only lasts for ten minutes, which means if after ten minutes, you are still in the waiting line, you might want to reserve again.

How Many Points Does a Shower Cost at a Pilot?

One point at a Pilot is worth just one cent ($0.01), and a shower costs $12 at a Pilot. Converting $12 into cents would mean that you need one thousand two hundred points to shower at a Pilot if you are using points.

Alternatively, you can just strive to fill more than 500 gallons of fuel in a month to qualify for free shower credits that last for 10 days, or just pay the $12 if you don’t have enough points on your My Pilot app.

Can a Couple Share a Truck Stop Shower?

If the couple asks the attendant in charge, then they would usually have no issues sharing a truck stop shower.

Many truck stops use full shower suites type of showers, so this makes it quite convenient for drivers and their partners to use a truck stop shower together.

However, in some unusual cases, the attendant might reserve the right to disallow the couple from using the truck stop shower together, if in his or her opinion, it constitutes a nuisance to the peace of the truck stop.


If you are seeking free showers at Pilot locations, the only thing you have to do is purchase a minimum of 500 gallons of fuel within a month. Either that or earn points that will equal the price of a shower at Pilot locations.

If none of these conditions are met, you will have to pay $12 to have a shower at any of the Pilot and Flying J locations.