Will a 55 Inch TV Fit in my Car

Let’s say you moved into a new home and you want to purchase a television set of your choice, the 55-inch flat-screen television that you have always longed for. But you have a problem you never envisaged from the onset. How to transport your large 55 inch TV? Will a 55 inch TV fit my car? 

Yes, a 55 inch TV should fit in your car if it’s of average size, and has a large trunk and foldable or removable backseat. If it is a small car with seats that can’t fold, you will need to remove the 55 inch TV from the box to be able to fit into your car.

What is a 55 Inch TV Dimension?

In case you have tried, and your mind can’t grasp the dimensions of a 55 Inch TV, well, let’s help you out. A 55 inch TV is approximately 122cm wide (121.7cm exactly) and almost 70cm in height (68.6cm exactly).

Imagine stacking six large 20cm carrots on top of one another, or six coke pep bottles on one another. That’s how wide a 55 inch TV is.

And if you stack up to three of those pep bottles on one another, and add two boxes of St. Louis’ sugar on top of it, you get the height of the TV.

Yes, that is enormous! And so you wonder, how wide is a car? Well, experts have it on record that an average car, or averagely, a car is 1820mm wide, which is equivalent to about 72 inches (71.65 exactly).

Also, an average car is a little over 4500mm long, equivalent to 177 inches in length (177.17 exactly). Although now the answer is obvious, you might want to ask, will a 55 inch TV fit in my car? Let’s find out!

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit in my Car?

Of course, a 55 inch TV will fit into your car, depending on how you can set the backseats of your car, or take them out completely.

Since an average-sized car is larger than a 55 inch TV, the TV should fit into the car properly, as long as you know how to arrange it, making sure it fits in.

Also, it would help if your car has a large trunk. If it doesn’t, or if your car is smaller than the average-sized car, then you might have to find other means of transporting your 55 inch TV.

Ultimately, a 55 inch TV should fit into your car, if your car is of average size, and has a large trunk and foldable or removable backseats.

If a 55 inch TV doesn’t fit into your car, then you might need to ask questions like; what kind of car am I using? Is it a Corolla, or a Camry, or a Honda, or an SUV? How am I trying to fit it in? How can I arrange the seats to ensure that the TV fits into them? Do I need to get another car to transport my TV?

If I can’t afford to get any other car, how else can I transport my TV if it doesn’t fit into my car after I have tried all options?

If you ask the right questions, you just might find a solution to your problem soon. However, if it is the TV is a 50-inch TV or a 65 inch TV, will it still fit?

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit in a Corolla?

Yes, a 55 Inch TV will fit into a Toyota Corolla. As long as you adjust the backseats, adjoining to the trunk, and a little bit of the front seat, then you should have no problem fitting your 55 Inch TV in a Toyota Corolla.

A Toyota Corolla has a length worth 4,530mm, which is equivalent to 178.35 inches, a little over an average car size, and also 1,705mm wide, equivalent to 67.13 inches. With such dimensions, there should be no problem whatsoever trying to fit 55 inch TV into a Toyota Corolla.

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit in a Camry?

Absolutely! If a 55 inch TV can fit in an average-sized car, and can also fit in a Corolla, then yes, it can fit in a Toyota Camry. This is because a Toyota Camry is sized well beyond an average-sized car, and a Toyota Corolla.

What it takes is for you to patiently and properly adjust the backseats of the car, connecting to the trunk. Once you can do that, you should have no problem transporting your TV in a Toyota Camry.

Referring to dimensions, the Toyota Camry is 4885mm long, and 1840mm wide, which is to say that the Toyota Camry has a length of 192.32 inches and a width of 72.44 inches. Therefore, yes, a 55 inch TV will fit in a Camry without any issue.

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Civic and an SUV?

Yes, a 55 inch TV will fit properly in a Honda Civic and an SUV you can find. This is because both cars are largely bigger than the 55 inch TV itself.

Once you can adjust the backseat of the cars to create a flat surface that will ensure proper balance to the flat TV, then there should be no hassles whatsoever when you try to fit and transport a 55 inch TV in a Honda Civic, or an SUV.

The Honda Civic has a length of 183.31 inches and a width of 70.83 inches. Naturally, this tells us that 55 inches of length, in comparison, should fit properly if the spaces are well maintained.

Also, a typical SUV is 196.5 inches long and 78.0 inches wide, which translates to the fact that it can properly accommodate a 55 inch TV.

What to Do if a 55 Inch TV Doesn’t Fit in My Car?

If your car is smaller than the average-sized car, and it still doesn’t fit after you have tried all you can to fit it into your car, then you have to try out other options, as earlier suggested.

1. Get a Different Car

This is the next viable option you have if your TV doesn’t fit into your car. You should explore the option of getting a different car.

You could either rent a car from one of the closest Car Rental Companies close to you or if you are lucky, you can get a neighbor or family member who can be generous enough to let you make use of his/her car for a couple of hours to transport your 55 inch TV.

2. Strap it to Your Roof

Although people have voted out this option as not being safe enough, it is also an option that you can take that would help get your 55 inch TV transported if done right.

You should strap it with firm belts or rope to the roof of your car, and for double assurance, you should have two or three people with firm hands hold it down on all sides, in case the belt slips off while driving.

Two people should hold it on both sides of the back seat, and one person holding it through the window of the passenger’s seat. This will help. Also, ensure that you go easy on the accelerator while driving.

3. Use Airtasker

This is a platform that links you with people with larger cars who can help do the job for a token. Once you find out the TV can’t fit into your car, and you can afford it, use Airtasker to outsource the task of transporting your TV.

4. Make use of a Maxi Taxi

You can also make use of a Taxi, almost similar to renting a car, except that this might be a cheaper option. Usually, a Maxi Taxi will be at least above an average-sized car and will have no issues fitting a 55 inch TV into it.

Final Thoughts

A 55 inch TV can fit into an average-sized car as long as you arrange it properly by flattening the backseats, adjoining it to the trunk, and also making room around the front seat area. It takes a lot of patience, but the job gets done. If after trying all you can and it still doesn’t fit in, try other options like renting a car, strapping the TV to your roof, or using a Taxi.