Can You Have a Car Towed for Parking in Front of Your House

Imagine trying to go for an important meeting only for you to be blocked by someone who decides to park in front of your house, right there at the entrance. In this case, what would you do? Can you have a car towed for parking in front of your house?

Yes, you can tow a car for parking in front of your house as long as the car is parked on your private property. However, you cannot tow a car that is parked in a public space even though it’s in front of your house.

Towing off a car parked on your property without your knowledge isn’t inhuman; it means you have a right to drive in and out of your property with no one or any car stopping you from moving.

Can You Have A Car Towed For Parking In Front Of Your House?

If the occupied space is a residential area that prevents you from driving freely or you just don’t love it on your property, you can have it towed immediately with no legal consequences drawn to your action.

If the front of your house isn’t yours to claim but a property of the public, you are required to call out to any nearest police station to have the car investigated and towed if necessary.

Towing a car that isn’t in your residential area can pull you into a legal chain that might cost you a few dollars before you are truly free from your act of unplanned decision.

In cases like this, the police are your best hit to have it investigated and then towed if they find it necessary. It is the best time to call the code enforcement officer to take necessary action.

Can Cars Be Parked In Front Of My House?

A few people don’t take into consideration before parking their cars. Every free space is the best place to park. They feel they own the road enough to place their car without feeling worried.

It is possible to have an unauthorized car parked in front of your house. You have a right to question if the “Space” occupied by the car is a part of your property.

Even with the fact that it isn’t illegal to park in front of your house, which is not a part of your property, it is termed inconsiderate.

You as a homeowner only have a right to make declarations on “Your property”, anything aside that can’t be a matter you can have a say on. If the front of your house isn’t a part of your owned property, there is no law that binds anyone who parks there.

How Long Can A Car Sit In Front Of My House?

Be it your property or space belonging to the public, a car isn’t allowed to stay longer than 72 hours otherwise it will be termed abandoned and probably towed, auctioned, or claimed by another.

A parking violation can be issued when the car stays as long as 72hours in specific areas that don’t allow such duration.

If you find the vehicle staring at you for days with no one coming around to drive it off or anyone taking responsibility for the car, you may involve the police to have the vehicle inspected and if possible towed away from that premises.

How Do You Tow A Car in Front Of Your House?

Before following the steps explained below, ensure you are legally allowed to tow a car parked in front of your house.

To avoid confusion, you are only allowed to tow a car parked in front of your house provided it is on your property or it has stayed 72hours without someone coming to claim it.

If you are safe with the listed conditions, the following steps are required to have that gentle-looking car towed away from your sight forever.

Have the Cops Informed

You don’t have the 100% right all by yourself to have a car towed, even if the car is positioned directly in front of your house. You need to call the cops to do the proper investigation before the car is moved.

If you have the car trespassing, calling the police can help to issue a citation that saves you from paying a fee to have it towed.

Reasons you should have the police involved are to prevent the owner from appearing from God knows where and filing a legal case at you for towing a vehicle without involving the authority.

Note: You are not given the right all by yourself to tow away any car, most especially if the parking space isn’t your property by law. You can be in a mess if you do that.

Even to the car owner, it is easy for the cops to get enough details that can contact the car owner before any serious step is taken.

Never call the shot by yourself except if you want to be charged for damages and other fees you are not even conscious about. Let the cops play the risk while you watch from behind.

Call a Towing Company

This is your choice to get involved with. A towing company is not predictable. They can charge you for having them tow the car and charge the owner if found to claim the car, but you can be lucky to escape paying anything, but only a few can escape the fees. I’m not so sure you will escape paying a towing company.

Why Does My Neighbor Park In Front Of My House?

There are no tangible reasons why your neighbor is parking in front of your house. Since it is a public space, anyone can park anywhere, but it is always considered if they make use of the space in front of their house.

A few points can be related to why your neighbor parks in front of your house:

1. Because They are Trouble Makers

There are good neighbors who deserve a gold-plated medal hung around their neck and there are neighbors that aren’t wrong if we have them locked up in a dark room and have them flogged until they choose to stop being unreasonable.

A good reason your neighbor leaves the front of his house to park in front of yours is likely to be another trouble knocking on your door.

Knowing the fact that there isn’t much legal right, since the land isn’t yours but public property, they can likely be so hardened to make you frustrated.

2. Maybe They Need to Use It

There are justifiable reasons your neighbor can choose to use the space in front of your house instead of using his, it might be an overload of cars or it isn’t in a good condition to park a car.

Whichever one it is, in as much it isn’t your space by law, you can do little or nothing to avert that. A chat with your neighbor can probably solve the problem.


Yes, you can have a car towed away from the front of your house as long as you own the space and it isn’t a “Public” property.