Can Someone Tow my Car Without Permission

Having your car towed without your permission is something that can cause distress. It can make you feel as if the whole world is working against you.

However, can someone really tow your car without your permission? What right does one have over another person’s car in terms of towing? And what does the law say about towing one’s car without the person’s knowledge?

Yes, someone can tow your car without your permission if it breaks the law of parking or easement such as blocking someone’s driveway, parking illegally either in an area with a tow-away sign or in front of a fire hydrant, and parking for a long time on a temporal emergency parking space.

What Does It Mean For Someone To Tow Your Car Without Permission?

For someone to tow your car without your permission means that your car was removed from where you packed it to another location either because of illegal parking, a break-in driveway easement, crime-related issues, etc, without your knowledge.

You shouldn’t be shocked if you wake up one morning hoping to see your car but could not find it because your landlord or annoying neighbor has towed it already without informing you.

Can Someone Else Tow My Car Without My Permission?

Yes, your car can be towed from anywhere aside from your private property without your permission if it breaks any law of parking or easement.

The police officer on the street, the angry neighbor who doesn’t joke with the shared driveway, or the overzealous civilian who finds your car offensive can have your car towed without your permission if it breaks the law.

You don’t expect your neighbor to be happy with you when you parked a junk car in his property. He will tow the car away if you’re not around.

What Can Make Someone Tow Your Car Without Your Permission?

For someone to tow your car without permission, there must have been an:

1. Illegal Parking

Parking wrongly is costly; you get fined and also get delayed for a longer time than expected for causing a disturbance, most especially when you stay in a state that frowns at any form of delay on the road.

Some common illegal places you are expected to avoid are–places with a tow-away sign, in front of a fire hydrant, or temporal emergency parking.

2. Driveway Blockage

Intentional or not, blocking a driveway attracts a penalty. Every notable state frowns at it. Before parking, ensure you check properly for details to avoid parking in places that will obstruct movement or cause other drives to be slower than expected.

3. No License When Driving

No license is a nightmare; you should make every move necessary to get a license or renewal when necessary. If you are stopped by an officer, aside from towing off your car, it can be impounded.

What To Do If Someone Tow Your Car Without Your Permission?

Here are a few things you can consider doing if your car is towed without your permission:

Be Sure You Didn’t Break the Law

Before getting on the call to know where your car was moved to, verify or check to know why the car was towed in the first place.

Check properly if you caused a blockage or parked wrongly. Whichever one it is, you need to stay calm and then make a call.

Recover Your Car

The fact that you have broken a law doesn’t mean you can’t recover your car. A towed car has a price, and daily storage fees you get to pay for leaving your car with the police or the towing company. If your car has been towed away, you need to ask for a release immediately.

Before you head on to claim your car, be sure you are titled with the car with an up-to-date driver’s license. If you are not the owner, you should at least come along with the owner.

Get a Court Order Release

The lots can sometimes be tricky by keeping your car longer than expected so you can pay more storage fees. If this is you, get a court order.

A court order can save you from paying extra storage fees. Whoever kept your car for too long illegally will pay the overflowing storage fees, even if it is the police department,

Ensure you file a motion quickly enough before you get too hooked on outrageous storage fees.

What If I Parked in the Wrong Place?

If your car has been towed for parking in the wrong place, find out where it is moved and ask for a release bearing in mind you will be charged a towing fee.

If you take a longer time to ask for the release, it can be justified to be abandoned or intentionally left alone, for this you will get to pay more storage fees.

How Can I Avoid Getting Towed Without Permission?

As blunt as this may sound; the only way to avoid getting towed without permission is to do the right thing, such as:

  • Checking Before You Park: Illegal parking is most times caused by a lack of focus in reading details before parking. Before you park, be sure you are not causing a block or parking in a no-zone area. If you do this, you are good.
  • Do Not Park On Someone’s Driveway: Parking on someone’s driveway without the person’s knowledge and walking away is illegal. Even the police can help tow the car away from the driveway.
  • Have Your License in Case You are Pulled Over: Cops love to pull civilians over, to avoid getting on the wrong side of this experience, ensure you have your license up-to-date. Do a renewal when necessary.
  • Be Away from Crime: So you don’t forget, ensure your car doesn’t get linked with any form of crime. If you drive recklessly under the influence of alcohol, after a warning, your car can be towed or impounded. Avoid anything illegal to be found in your car.

Who Do I Meet If My Car Is Towed Without Permission?

If your car is towed without your permission, you will need to contact the local towing company that impounded your vehicle. The towing company’s contact information is usually provided on signs at the location where your car was parked or in the vicinity. You may also find this information by contacting the local police department or city/town hall.

When you contact the towing company, they should be able to provide you with details about why your car was towed, where it is currently located, and the process for retrieving it. Keep in mind that you may need to provide proof of ownership and pay any towing and impound fees before you can reclaim your vehicle.


Nobody wants to go through the stress of towing a vehicle without reason; even your annoying neighbor can’t choose this path. If your car is towed, it is because you broke a law. To avoid getting your car towed, avoid breaking the law.