How Many Junk Cars Can you Have on Your Property

Having junk cars around you can make the neighborhood appear unclean and untidy as to the appearance it gives to the public.

Junk or not, a property needs to be easy to walk by at any time without having to squeeze yourself around before having a breathing space, which brings the question of how many junk cars can you have on your property.

You can have between one or two junk cars on your property to avoid breaking the ordinance or law of your state concerning junk cars.

What Is Considered A Junk Car?

Junk” sounds like nonsense, unruly or not needed anymore, disposable if you may say but professionally a junk car is any car that is not movable again because of some faults it might have developed or some delicate parts not available anymore.

A junk car can also be any car that is older than 5 years or more. To me, a junk car is a rejected vessel. It is rejected by the insurance company. It is rejected by you or anyone around because it is beyond repair. You can as well sell it in scrap to earn some stipends so you are not at a total loss.

Can You Have A Junk Car on Your Property?

Yes, you can have a junk car on your property, however, it should not be more than two junk cars.

You can leave one of your junk cars there on your property but not on your driveway because a junk car is an abandoned car that isn’t valuable to you anymore, so practically it is taking away space in your driveway.

Junking your car is not the problem but the disadvantages of owning a junk car are far greater than their benefits. Anybody will want to avoid this, you should too.

Remember that there are several ordinances regulating the parking of junk cars on one’s property. These ordinances differ from state to state.

What you have to do is to ensure that when having a junk car on your property, you’re not going against the law. That is why you shouldn’t have more than one or two junk cars on your property.

How Many Junk Cars Can You Have on Your Property?

Since rusting car edges increase to chances of tetanus, it is advisable to keep between one or two junk cars on your property.

However, the number of junk cars you can have on your property is regulated by local ordinances and zoning laws which vary depending on your location, as they are determined by city or county governments.

If you want to find out the specific regulations for your area regarding the number of junk cars that should be parked on your private property, check with your local city or county government offices, such as the zoning or code enforcement department.

They can provide information on the maximum number allowed on your private property, any specific requirements for storage, and penalties for going against the specified number.

What Happens If You Have Too Many Junk Cars On Your Property?

Having too many junk cars on your property can make neighbors and other people see you as a weird person. You may be asked the state or the HOA to remove them.

Since junk cars are cars with more rust than good looks, having too much of it on your property can cause distraction which might not be good for your neighborhood.

At first, the neighbors see you as a weird person who keeps junk cars on his property. Why keep your property overloaded with junk if you have no special intentions of using them?

It takes space; it takes ventilation; it causes distraction, and the neighbors get discomfort with what they see.

Is It Illegal to Have Too Many Junk Cars On Your Property?

Junk cars in your garage or on any of your property aren’t illegal until a law is broken.

I assume you already checked in with your state’s laws regarding the rules guiding car abandonments. If you have all laws figured out and you adhere to each one without breaking a law, you are as free as a bird.

Illegal means “A break in the law and order of a community”, knowing what laws bind your state will determine what laws you are to adhere to, but your driveway is yours and the same is your private property, if you have junk cars on it, I assume it is your choice and you have a need for it, except the city says otherwise.

Reasons People Have Junk Cars on Their Property

Here are the reasons why people have junk cars on their property:

1. They Just Can’t Let Go

Just like how individuals get familiar with their pets, that is how people get familiar with their cars.

Track records have shown how people get emotional about their cars. They treat it like a bay, taking care of it day after day until they have grown tired of it.

During times the car is in good shape, the engine still kicks like a rock star, the color still shines brighter, the interiors are not weary, and everyone wants to be in it, In times like this, individuals build memories, special moments that keep them connected to the car.

Reminded me of a friend who drove a new Toyota Camry to get a job interview. After the interview, he tagged the car as good luck because he got the job.

These types of connections are likely to keep a car owner to his car even if the car is above 5 years old and has become less attractive. People like this are committed soldiers.

2. They Are All About the Money

Junk cars can also be referred to as assets. It is easier to sell them off in scraps or just have someone tow them away to a mechanic who will pick up vital parts of the car before dumping them off.

However, when you finally send the car to the junkyard, don’t forget to notify the DMV. It’s very important. It needs to be on their record that the car has been sent to the junkyard.

Final Thoughts

For whatever reason you are holding on to those junk cars in your garage, they better be good and free from breaking the laws. Junk cars are not pleasing to the eye, but if you care about the money, get on with it and sell some scraps.