Can You Get a Ticket for Expired Registration while Parked

In various countries across the world, people get tickets for a lot of reasons because humans by nature can be disobedient to laws and regulations just to see if they can get away with it. In the case of going around in vehicles with an expired registration, people know it is against the law yet they do it. So, can you get a ticket for expired registration while parked?

Yes, you can get a ticket for expired registration while parked in a public space because according to the law, vehicles with expired registration shouldn’t be seen on the road and definitely should not be parked in a public area.

You can only get a ticket for expired tags when you park your car in a public space, vehicles without a valid license should be parked on private property and out of sight.

What is Expired Registration in Cars?

Every car before it can be driven on the road whether it was bought brand new or previously used is required by law to be registered.

It is the responsibility of the car owner to get his/her car registered with the state licensing authority. Registering a car is equal to getting a car ID card, it is proof that you are the legal owner.

Car registration is considered to be expired once it exceeds the date signed at the time of registration. At the time a vehicle is being registered, a stipulated date is always written, usually a period of three years for initial registration after which it expires.

Depending on the jurisdiction, car registration can also be valid for a year after which it expires. For every car registration date, there is an expiration date. After expiration, you are not legally recognized as the car owner.

It is quite easy to know when your car registration will expire, at the time of initial registration a license plate is given, on it is a set of numbers and letters.

Let’s check out an example of plate number for better understanding; IJK 7652 is the number, the last digit 2 implies the vehicle should be registered on February, 5, the second to the last number means you should register within the working days of the first week of February i.e. February 1,2,3,4 until February 5, very easy right.

Can You Get a Ticket for Expired Registration while Parked?

Yes, you can get a ticket for expired registration while parked. All cars with expired registration are expected to be seen on the road only when you are going for renewal, other than that they should be parked on private property.

When an unlicensed car is parked in a public space such as; public parking lot or on the street it will get a ticket.

It is against the law to park a vehicle without valid registration on the road, according to the law all unlicensed cars should be parked on private property out of public sight, it can either be covered or kept in an enclosed structure.

Disadvantages of Getting a Ticket for Expired Registration

Getting a ticket can grow into a lot of headaches, especially when you have a lot to your name. The disadvantages are:

Soiled Reputation

When you get tickets for expired registration over and over again, it appears in your record with the state that you are a law violator.

Having this kind of record does not speak well of you and it may stand as a hindrance in many areas such as job employment etc.

Incurred Cost

Whether you want it or not, you incur costs you did not plan for whenever you get a ticket. While it is not illegal to park an unregistered car in the driveway, it is illegal to continue to park your expired registration car in a public place. Doing this will definitely incur cost.

How Long Can You Ride Around with Expired Tags?

A car with expired tags can be driven around for a period not longer than 6 months. Car tags are stickers received upon vehicle registration to be placed on a license plate. It shows the period through which your registration is valid.

Tags are usually gotten when a vehicle registration is renewed, the two go hand in hand i.e. registration and car tags, which makes it legal for you to drive on the road.

They are also proof that the car has been registered for a period of one year, hence, you must make sure to have it with you all the time, failure to do so is illegal and can attract a fine.

A car tag expires when the car registration expires. Since they go hand in hand one cannot expire without the other, when the tags expire then it’s time to get a renewal, the notice to renew your car tags is usually sent weeks before the expiration of the current one.

Driving around with expired tags longer than 6 months will definitely get you pulled over and you risk your car getting impounded by law enforcement agents.


A lot of people get tickets for parking cars with expired registration on public property all the time, so if you don’t want to be among the lots getting tickets, park your cars on your property.

For every car registration date, there is an expiration date. The process of car-renewal has been made easy, once you get the renewal notice, you can proceed to the online system put in place by the state to renew it.

The process of registering a car can be a tedious one, so in order to reduce the stress, make sure to put the necessary requirement in place, like checking your car to be sure it is in good condition.

In addition, the cost of an impounded car can be added to the fine and renewal fee. Depending on the state, the process of getting an impounded car out differs. You can challenge your ticket if you think you shouldn’t be given, you will not have to pay a fine if your challenge is accepted.