Can My Car be Towed From My Driveway for Expired Tags

It is normal to have cars parked in driveways. As a matter of fact, apart from parking in the garage, the driveway is another approved place for parking cars.

Despite the legality of parking cars in a driveway, parking when the tag is expired is another case. If you are caught you will be faced with some penalties but can a car be towed from the driveway for expired tags?

Yes, a car can be towed from the driveway for expired tags if the car is in the public eye. But if the car is not in the public eye when parked on your driveway, it cannot be towed.

What is Considered an Expired Tags?

An expired tag is one that is no longer legally recognized as proof of registration. Tags or car tags are stickers gotten at the time of car registration that is to be placed on the car’s license plate.

Displayed on the tag are usually digits representing the year through which the registration is valid.

Tags are given on a yearly basis therefore if after a year you do not renew it, you will be considered to have an expired tag.

Depending on the state, you can be given a time frame within 6 months to have it renewed after which you may be pulled over when driving by a law enforcement agent for driving with an expired tag.

Also depending on the state, the penalty for expired tags could be payment of a fine or having the car towed.

Can My Car be Towed from My Driveway for Expired Tags?

Yes, your car can be towed from your driveway for expired tags, this however depends on the state’s law regarding parking cars with expired tags in the driveway.

If in your state there is a law against having cars with expired tags in the driveway then there is a possibility of it being towed away if it is stipulated in the law.

In other states, the condition under which the car will not be towed away is if it is covered while in the driveway. It must be covered by the public eye.

Before a car with an expired tag gets towed away in some states, the owner will be given a warning in form of a ticket or other means of warning with a stipulated time to have the car moved away. When the given time frame elapses, the car will be towed away without further warning.

In other states, you are expected to know what the law says about it therefore, there will be no warning before the car gets towed.

The driveway is considered private property in certain states therefore law enforcement agents have no business there provided the car is not parked off the driveway into the street.

How to Prevent my Car from getting Towed for Expired Tags

It is always better to take preventive measures than facing whatever penalty you will get for driving or parking a car with expired tags in the driveway. Here are some ways and things to do to prevent such from happening

Get a Renewal

This is the best option for preventing your car from getting towed. Rather than coming up with various ways to not get caught just renew your registration.

The process may be long or not but in the end, you know you can move and drive your car freely without the fear of being caught.

Do not Park the Car in Plain Sight

You shouldn’t park your car in plain sight if the tag is expired especially if your state frowns against it. If you have a garage, park the car inside but if you don’t make sure it is covered even while parked in the driveway.

Do not Park on the Curb or on the Streets

This is definitely a NO. Whether you are allowed to park on the side of the road, in a parking lot, or curb if your tags are expired do not park outside.

For states that allow parking cars with expired tags in the driveway, it will be safer for your car to be parked in the driveway than on the streets. Parking on the street is one of the easiest ways to have your car towed.

What to do if your Car is Towed from your Driveway for Expired Tags?

Your car getting towed away for expired tags is not really something you want to deal with because you can never be certain of the outcome.

The unfortunate thing however is that it happens and when it does you will have to sort things out one way or another. In a situation where your car is towed from the driveway because of expired tags, what do you do?

  • Prepare the Car Document: When your car gets towed it means it has been impounded. Before taking further steps in sorting the issue, you must first have all the car documents handy as this will help in furthering your claim to the car.
  • Proceed to the Police Station: The police probably towed your car therefore you will need to go there to lay claim to it. The process of laying claim to and getting an impounded car back isn’t easy that is why it is important to have the car documents ready in other to hasten the whole process.

Disadvantages of Getting your Car Towed for Expired Tags

Here are some disadvantages of getting your car towed for expired tags;

1. Too Much Stress to get it Back

Once a car gets towed away especially because the tags are expired, it is not always easy to get it back. It could take days and unnecessary back and forth to get things sorted and get the car back.

2. Lots of Money will be Spent

Well, getting an impounded back doesn’t come cheap. You will have to pay, and the amount to be paid will vary from country to country.

It may even be made compulsory for you to do the tag renewal before all is sorted. In which case, you will need to temporarily get the car out, this is because the DVM will not issue a tag renewal without getting the old one back.

3. You May Not Get it Back Quickly

It has been established that the process of getting a towed car back is stressful. Other than being stressful you may not get the car back quickly. It may take a couple of days to get it back.


Another way to prevent your car from getting towed is to check with the local authorities to know if you are doing the right thing by parking a car with expired tags in your driveway.