Can Parking Lot Cameras See Inside Cars

Parking lots whether on private property or public space usually have security cameras installed. These cameras are put in place to record and monitor all activities taking place in the parking lot.

Cameras are installed to prevent or keep criminal activities such as; thefts, and vandalism at the minimum, and in the event that any of the aforementioned happens quick action will be taken by security staff.

Since most cameras installed in parking lots are to ensure the safety of cars and discourage criminal activities, they are likely to only monitor activities outside the car and parking lot environment but is it possible for the camera to see inside the car? Can parking lot cameras see inside cars?

Yes, some parking lot cameras may see inside the cat of the car is parked close to where the camera is mounted. It is also possible for parking lot cameras to see inside the car at night if the inner lights are on and the car is not dark-tinted.

Do Parking Lots Have Cameras?

A general answer can’t be given to this question as some parking lots have while others do not have. Some parking lots do not have cameras installed because they have other security and safety measures in place.

Security cameras use power supply therefore they are usually found on light poles because they share the same light source, they can also be found on buildings. Oftentimes, cameras are installed in places where they are barely visible to others.

When installing a camera, ensure they are placed at strategic places in the lots and enough to cover as many blind spots as possible.

Can Parking Lot Cameras See Inside Cars?

Yes, a parking lot camera can see inside a car, this however is hinged on a lot of factors. The extent to which a security camera can clearly monitor largely depends on its angle and resolution.

Some cameras cannot see beyond a certain distance therefore they can’t see inside the car while others can see inside but not clearly.

The time of the day plays a huge part in the camera’s ability to see inside the car, a camera may be able to see what’s happening inside the car during the day but not at night.

Having a camera with night vision will help with this. Another way for a camera to capture what’s happening inside is if the lights are on inside the car.

Seeing inside a car with tinted windows will depend on how dark or light the window is and also the camera resolution.

Is it a Bridge of One’s Privacy if Parking Lot Cameras See Inside Cars?

A camera in a parking lot is considered fair game and no bridge of privacy because it is in a public space but when it can see inside one’s car is it considered a bridge of privacy?

A definite answer will be ‘Yes’ but in a case where you’re aware that the camera can see into your car, it’s not necessarily a breach because you’re able to take measures to prevent it.

A camera seeing inside your car may not be the intent of the person that installed it, it just happens due to the camera’s ability to cover a wide area and your car happen to be within a clear area of coverage.

What to Do If Parking Cameras See Inside Car?

It has been established that parking lot cameras can see inside the car but what can be done if you don’t like it and want to prevent future occurrences.

Since parking lots are oftentimes in public spaces and you have no control over where the cameras can be installed, it is up to you to take measures.

You can start by being cautious of the things you do in your car while it is parked, this can be hard for some people as you will have to be conscious of your every move.

You can study the location of the cameras and the various angles of the parking lot it covers. By doing this you are able to carefully choose and park your car in areas where the camera does not cover, it could be behind tree lines or at a far distance where the coverage of the camera doesn’t reach.

Turning off the light in the car at night also prevent security cameras from seeing through, although this can only work for cameras that do not have night vision.

Pulling down the curtains on the car window or using a window cover when exiting the car should also be considered, this is however for cars that have curtains.

Purpose of Camera in the Parking Lot

Cameras are installed in parking lots for a number of reasons, we will be taking a look at some of them below

1. A Sense of Safety and Security

There’s a sense of safety that customers have when they know that their car is secured. For instance, a person lodging for the night in a hotel will rest easy knowing that no harm will come to their car and property, this could even be a reason for their return patronage to the hotel

2. It Discourages Criminal Activities

Anyone with the thought of engaging in a criminal act in the parking lot such as; stealing, vandalism, etc. will desist from doing so if he knows that the chances of getting caught are high.

3. Video Proof

In the event that any criminal act happens, there will be video footage to back up the claim. Beyond proof of a criminal act, the parking lot could be charged with some damage claim by the customer leading to legal issues.

Footages from the camera will be there as evidence of what actually happened.

4. A Way to Identify Unpaid Vehicles

For parking lots where you are required to pay before you can park, camera footage helps you to know a car owner that bypassed payment to park. This is possible as parking lots usually have cameras installed at entrances and exit points.


A lot of crime has been averted by the simple act of security camera installation, although it has not been completely prevented, to a large extent criminal acts has reduced. The mere knowledge is enough to scare those with criminal intents away.

Some states require that a sign be put up to let people know that security cameras are present. This knowledge helps people to be more conscious of their privacy when in the car.

Investment in a good security camera is a good investment as it can help you clear the air on certain issues and damage claims in the foreseeable future.