Can Walmart Parking Lot Cameras Read License Plates

The Walmart parking lot is designed for shoppers to park their cars while they get something from the store. As a result, Walmart parking lot does not charge parking fees; this makes it deliberately accessible to lots of people from different walks of life.

In their attempt to ensure the safety of their customers who have parked in the lot, there arose a need for not just fully operational, round-the-clock security teams but also security cameras to increase efficiency.

Therefore, Can Walmart parking lot cameras read license plates?

No, Walmart parking lot cameras cannot read license plates, they only catch a person’s face or record a car that drives in and out, and past the store.

Does Walmart Have Security Cameras in The Parking Lot?

Indeed, Walmart has security cameras in the parking lot, these cameras are called Lot Cops. They are surveillance systems armed with cameras with flashing blue lights.

Walmart basically has cameras everywhere, hence it is one of the most surveillance-friendly retail chains you can find around.

Only a few places in Walmart don’t have security cameras like the restrooms and the dressing room and the employee break room where people change. Every other place has at least 1 security camera to record and monitor activities.

As of 2022, Walmart has hundreds of cameras in and outside of its store. The high level of surveillance is due to the high rate of attempted theft at Walmart stores and this does not only relate to in-store items but also properties like cars.

Walmart as a parking lot does not charge parking fees as a measure of solitary privacy this makes it deliberately accessible to lots of people hence the need for a security camera in the parking lot.

Can Walmart Parking Lot Cameras Read License Plates?

Walmart inside cameras can easily read your text message but Walmart parking lot cameras cannot read license plates, they only catch a person’s face or record a car that drives past the store.

Needless to say, there are security cameras that can read plates. These cameras are called license plate recognition cameras or simply LPR example of these cameras is The NSC-LPR-832-BT1, which produces a 2MR EXIR bullet camera with an 8-32mm zoom lens. It can even record license plates at night with its 100-foot IR resistance.

Are Walmart Cameras Monitored?

Yes, Walmart monitors its security camera but not constantly. Human beings are not 100% efficient as we are prone to fatigue and other factors which may affect our functionality, so we can say monitoring the cameras at all times might not be possible.

To ensure all-around security, Walmart has invested in AI security cameras that notify the person in charge of any cunny or suspected activities.

These security cameras allow them to not only detect thieves but also support potential allegations and police investigation

How Good Are Walmart Parking Lot Cameras?

To put it blankly, if your car was in an accident like a hit and run while parked at a Walmart parking lot, your chances of getting a license plate are low.

Parking lot cameras are for general coverage and to get the make, color, model, and so on of a car.

You can only have a better chance of getting the license plate numbers if the camera is operated for life which would require the operator to zoom in on the license plate, the camera on its own won’t zoom in on anything or anybody except if it is being operated by someone.

How Long Does Walmart Keep Parking Lots Security Tapes?

The duration by which Walmart keeps parking lot security tapes varies from store to store but most Walmart stores will keep the security footage for at least 30 days, if for any reason you need a security tape from Walmart security, I would advise you to start acting now.

Reasons Why Walmart Has Cameras in The Parking Lot

1. To Detect Theft

One of the basic reasons why Walmart has security cameras is to monitor and detect theft within the store.

Walmart is a huge American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores in the united states, they possess huge stores hence the need for cameras to monitor and ensure that there is no shoplifting.

Imagine packing your GMC Sierra truck at the Walmart parking lot and someone tries to steal it, even if the person did succeed in stealing it, the camera is there to help fish the person out.

2. To Ensure the Safety of Life and Properties

Besides the cameras inside the store, there are cameras outside also like in the parking lot. The cameras in the parking lot help the security team to notice criminal activities and interfere to prevent or apprehend the suspects as the case may be.

3. Support or Disprove Potential Allegations

In cases of allegations, Walmart security cameras come in handy, and security footage is used to either support or disprove allegations.

For example, in cases of finding out that your parked car has probably been hit and run, the security footage helps you to identify the culprit and to serve as evidence to enable you to claim your rights.

4. Aid Police Investigation

For ongoing investigations that happen around this vicinity, the police department demands security footage to help in their work and allow them to get their facts right to apprehend the culprit

Final Thoughts

Walmart Inc. is a multinational store known for its reputation of allowing vehicles to park in its parking lot overnight at no cost. Hence it is known to be a place for travelers to pack and camp for the night.

This arrangement means people from all walks of life would be gathering there, which means there is a need for 24-hour security

This 24-hour security does not only include Walmart security personnel but also security cameras. These cameras can be very useful in case of accidents, to identify a person, clothes, car model, car make, car color, and so on.

But most times they fail to come through when the license plate is needed. Not because the cameras are in the capacity cannot capture the license numbers but because they are most times not manned at the time.

For the parking lot security camera to pick up the license plate, it has to be operated life which would allow the operator to zoom in and focus on the license plate. Once recorded, the chances of getting the license plate are slim depending on the resolution in which the tape was recorded.