My Husband Took My Car How Can I Get it Back

If your husband took your car, there are several ways to get it back legally. It just depends on what kind of relationship you have with each other and how willing both parties are to work out their problems as part of divorce proceedings or separation agreement negotiations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out if there are any extenuating circumstances that may have led to your husband taking the car.
  • Open a dialogue with your husband to understand why he took the car and express your concerns about it being taken without your permission.
  • If communication fails or if your husband refuses to return the car, you can seek legal advice.
  • Keep records of all the information, including communications with your husband, any witnesses to the incident, and documentation related to ownership of the vehicle.
  • If you and your husband are unable to resolve the issue on your own, seek for mediation with a neutral third party.
  • As a last resort, if your husband refuses to return the car and you believe it’s necessary, you can involve law enforcement.

Can My Husband Take My Car?

Whether or not a husband can take his wife’s car is a question that has been asked many times. This particular question doesn’t have a direct answer, the answer (whether yes or no) depends on a few factors.

  • If you have been making payments on your car for at least three years and your husband has committed to pay for it, then he can take the vehicle.
  • If his payments are less than three years old or if any other factor comes into play (such as if one of you died and will not be able to make payments), then your husband cannot take possession of the vehicle until those months have passed.
  • One of the other factors that can determine if your husband can take your car is your marital status and whether you are still married, divorced, or separated.
  • If your marriage was never dissolved then this section does apply to you because it will allow your ex-spouse (or ex-husbands) access to their ex-wife’s property during the divorce process which may include cars as well as other assets such as homes and bank accounts.

How long were you married before getting divorced? If the marriage is over five years old, then there should be some kind of agreement made between both parties before taking any action so that nothing gets taken without proper authorization first.

My Husband Took My Car How Can I Get It Back?

If your husband took your car and you want to get it back, you will have to go through the legal system by hiring a lawyer and seeking legal advice. You can also make use of communication and mediation.

Here are ways you can get your car back from your husband:

1. By Communicating With Your Husband

Reach out to your husband and try to communicate with him about why he took the car and express your concerns about needing it back. Sometimes, misunderstandings can be resolved through open communication.

Tell him to return the car with reasons why he should return it. However, while communicating with him, ensure you do it calmly. If it is possible, record the conversation in case you might need it at a later stage.

2. By Going Through Legal Options

If your husband refuses to return the car or if the situation escalates, you may need to explore legal options. This could involve seeking a court order for the return of the vehicle, especially if your name is on the title or you have legal ownership of the car.

To go through legal options in a bid to recover your car from your ex-husband, you will need to contact or hire a lawyer who specializes in marital cases or probably divorce lawyers. They will give you legal advice and tell you what you need to do.

3. By Contacting Appropriate Authorities

If you believe your husband’s actions constitute theft or if you fear for your safety, you can contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance. They can help mediate the situation and ensure that your rights are protected and the car is returned to you.

4. By Seeking Mediation

In some cases, it may be helpful to involve a neutral third party, such as a mediator or counselor, to help facilitate a resolution between you and your husband so he can return the car.

The mediator doesn’t necessarily have to be a lawyer. It can be someone both of you respect the most or someone your husband values the most such as your mother-in-law, father-in-law, a friend to your husband, his boss, etc.

Chances are that, your husband may consider returning the car after hearing what the mediator has to say.

Finally, you may need to consider the circumstances surrounding your husband’s actions. Was there a specific reason he took the car? Once you understand his perspective, it can help you approach the situation more effectively and find a resolution that works for both of you.

What if The Car Belongs to Me and It’s in My Husband’s Name?

If the car is in your husband’s name but it was purchased by you during the time that you were still legally married to him, then it’s considered marital property and the owner would be decided after a divorce has been filed and the case has been concluded by the verdict of the judge.

If the car was bought before you got married but it’s in his name, you also have a right to report him as long as you have proof that you made payment for the car.

If all of these options don’t go down well with you (maybe you don’t want to get divorced), there are other options available as well.

You could file an insurance claim on the vehicle against him if it was damaged during an accident or theft incident by someone else. You could also hire a private investigator.

The private investigator will put together some evidence that shows how much effort has gone into trying to get back what belongs to you alone and maybe even make them feel guilty about taking something belonging to another person (even though it wasn’t theirs).

What Can Make My Husband Take My Car?

If the car was bought by your husband before marriage, then he has the right to take the car whenever he wants because it’s not considered marital property, it’s his personal property.

Only things or properties that were acquired during the marriage can be considered marital property and these are the things that would be decided by the court on who gets what.

If the car is in his name, then he can choose to give you back the title and plates. He will have to pay any fees associated with transferring ownership (this includes registration fees).

Other things that can make your husband take your car during divorce and refuse to return it are:

  • There are Financial Disputes: If there are disagreements over financial matters such as asset division, your husband may take the car as a way to assert control or claim ownership over assets he believes he’s entitled to.
  • Retaliation: Your husband might view taking the car as a form of retaliation or punishment in response to perceived grievances or actions during the divorce process.
  • Strategic Maneuvering: In some cases, spouses may try to gain leverage or advantage in divorce negotiations by withholding property, including vehicles, as a bargaining tactic.
  • Emotional Turmoil: Emotional distress and anger stemming from the divorce process could lead your husband to act impulsively or irrationally, including taking possession of the car without considering the consequences.
  • Dependency Issues: If your husband relies heavily on the car for transportation and fears losing access to it post-divorce, he may be more inclined to take possession of it and refuse to return it out of fear or necessity.
  • Disagreements Over Ownership: Disputes may arise regarding the ownership of the car, especially if both spouses have contributed financially or if the car was acquired during the marriage but is titled in one spouse’s name.
  • It Could be a Legal Strategy: Your husband’s actions may be influenced by legal advice or strategies aimed at securing his interests or protecting his rights during the divorce proceedings.
  • Miscommunication or Misunderstanding: Communication breakdowns or misunderstandings regarding the division of property could lead to confusion or conflict over the ownership and possession of the car.
  • Psychological Factors: Psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, or a sense of loss associated with the divorce process could impact your husband’s decision-making and behavior regarding the car.


The best way to get your car back is if the husband has committed a crime in taking it. If that’s not the case, then you should be able to do it with a divorce or separation.

You don’t want this situation to escalate into anything else. Don’t give up hope yet! The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by getting in touch with an experienced private investigator who knows what they’re doing and how to get things done quickly and efficiently.