My Car Registration was Stolen Should I Be Worried

A car registration card is like an ID card that proves that you are the legal owner of a car by law. Most people are fond of keeping their registration card in the car which isn’t a bad idea.

By doing this, you can be sure you have it with you at all times and in case there is a need for checks by law enforcement agents you can easily present it.

However, keeping your registration card in the car comes with a disadvantage, which is theft. It is very possible that the registration card gets stolen from the car when the glove box and the car door are left unlocked. So, if my car registration was stolen should I be worried?

Can Someone Steal My Car Registration?

Yes, your car registration can be stolen. People steal car registration that doesn’t belong to them all the time and for various reasons, this is known as Identity Theft.

Using another person’s personal and vehicle information for fraudulent activities is a criminal act punishable by the law.

Car registration is stolen in order to get personal information about the car owner, information such as the home address could lead them to the owner’s residence where more theft will take place.

This can happen if the thief feels there will be more valuables to cart away from your house judging from what he sees in the car.

A stolen registration gives the thief access to your vehicle identification number (VIN), this number can be used to register illegal vehicles and create a duplicate of your car keys.

My Car Registration was Stolen Should I be Worried?

Yes, you should be very worried when you find out your car registration has been stolen. As mentioned before, car registrations are stolen for various reasons, you can’t be sure what the thief wants to do with the registration, but one thing you can know for sure is that the theft isn’t for good reasons.

You should worry because the details on the car registration could be used to duplicate your car keys, get your home address, buy/loan a car in your name, and do other illegal activities.

All of this and many more are why you should be worried when you find out your car registration has been stolen. The first course of action when you realize this should be reporting to the police with full details, be sure you do not leave anything out.

Why Should I Be Worried?

A car registration provides the thief with all the information they need to know about you and your car such as; home address, name, vehicle identification number, model, name, and year of the car, this information is used to cover up their criminal activities.

Someone having knowledge of your personal and car information leaves you vulnerable and worried and rightfully so because lots of illegal activities can be carried out with this information.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be worried when your car registration gets stolen;

1. Your Personal Details Are Compromised

The first thing that comes to mind when you realize your car registration has been stolen is probably, “someone else now has access to your personal information” and not knowing what they can do with that information. This thought keeps you on edge till you can find a solution.

2. You may be Left to Pay a Debt you know Nothing About

If the car registration was used to get a car loan, you will be the one paying for the car. There’s probably no way you can avoid paying because your information is already out there.

3. The Possibility of Getting More Information

A thief may be able to get other information about you online using the details you have on the registration card. This is highly unlikely but the possibility of it can’t be ruled out.

4. Legal Action

Refusal to pay the debt owed may result in legal action. The auto shop may take legal steps if you refuse to pay, even when you explain that your registration card was stolen.

Your car registration information was given to the car dealer by the thief, therefore you will be held responsible, irrespective of what you have to say. Someone has to bear the loss and definitely not them.

How Can Someone Steal My Car Registration?

Car registration is most often stolen from the glove box of a car if left unlocked. The glove box is where you keep personal documents in the car and it comes with a keyhole, which makes it possible to lock the documents in. You can lock the glove box and the car for maximum security.

Theft in a car is only possible when the driver forgets to lock the door after exiting and the glove box is also left open.

A car registration should be with you at all times, hence, why most people leave it in the car, but this could turn out to be a bad decision if you are someone that forgets things a lot.

Thieves are always lurking around in dark parking spaces looking for what to steal, if they get to your car and its opens then the rest will be history. Your car registration may be one of many things that will be stolen.

What Should I Do When My Car Registration Is Stolen?

Most people after realizing their car registration has been stolen are usually at a loss of what to do, this is quite understandable. Here we’ll walk you through what you should do.

  • Make a Report with the Police Department: The first step to be taken should be to report the theft to the police. This should be done by giving clear details of the location, date, and presumed time. The information will help the police in carrying out their duties.
  • File for a Registration Card Replacement: Depending on the state, you may be required to file for a replacement with the police department or Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).


If you are a victim of stolen car registration, be sure you know what the process for replacement and reporting is for the state you reside in. The guidelines for reporting and replacing a stolen car registration vary from state to state.