How Do I Know if my Ford Has Remote Start

The introduction of cars into the lives of humans has made it easy and comfortable for commuting. Many people now want their own cars to comfortably move from one place to another.

With cars came the development of remotes for starting the cars. Cars now have devices that can be used to unlock/lock and start/switch off the engine remotely.

However, not all Ford vehicles come with the remote start feature, the question is, how do I know if my Ford has remote start?

  • Lock the doors of your Ford car by pressing down on the lock button on the key fob
  • If there is a “2x” button on the remote with a curved arrow, then you have a remote start, press the arrow
  • The headlights of the vehicle should flash two times
  • If the engine of your Ford vehicle starts, you will hear the sound of the horn

How Do I Know if my Ford Has Remote Start?

The easiest way to know if your Ford car has a remote start is by checking the key fob of your Ford vehicle. If the key fob to your Ford vehicle has a button with a circular arrow design and 2X written inside the arrow, it means that your Ford vehicle is equipped with the remote engine start function.

Another way to check if your Ford is equipped with the remote engine start function is by switching on the engine of the vehicle remotely.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Lock the doors of the vehicle by pressing down on the lock button on the key fob.
  2. If there is a “2x” button on the remote, press it.
  3. The headlights of the vehicle should flash two times.
  4. If the engine of your Ford vehicle starts, you will hear the sound of the horn.

If your vehicle’s engine starts after following these steps, it shows that the remote engine start function is present in the vehicle.

However, if it does not start, it means your vehicle is not equipped with the function and you will need to go to the factory to get it installed.

Do All Ford Cars Have Remote Start?

No, not all Ford cars have remote start installed in them by default. The remote start engine feature is in all Ford vehicles manufactured from 2021 upwards. Older Ford vehicles do not have the remote engine start function but they can be installed in them at the factory.

All Ford vehicles that have a remote engine start function are:

  • 2021 Ford GT
  • 2021 Ford Super Duty
  • 2021 Ford Explorer
  • 2021 Ford Mustang
  • 2021 Ford Eco Sport
  • 2021 Ford Transit
  • 2021 Ford Escape
  • 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E
  • 2021 Ford Bronco
  • 2021 Ford F-150
  • 2021 Ford Transit Connect
  • 2021 Ford Edge
  • 2021 Ford Expedition
  • 2021 Ford Bronco Duty
  • The 2021 Ford Ranger, and the 2022, and 2023 models

The remote engine start function is available by default in these vehicles when you purchase them. Remember, if you use older Ford vehicles, it might not come with the remote start function but you can get it installed in your vehicle at the factory.

Does the 2021 Ford Escape Have Remote Start?

Yes, the 2021 Ford Escape has a remote start. The Ford vehicles that are equipped with a remote start have been listed above.

What Happens if Your Ford Remote is Dead?

The remote of your Ford car is an electronic device. Many people’s electronic devices work with batteries. Batteries can die after prolonged usage. This means that the remote of your Ford car can die as well.

When your Ford remote dies, you’ll notice the following things:

  • The LED lights on the remote won’t come on
  • You will not be able to unlock and lock your vehicle’s doors remotely
  • You will not be able to start your vehicle’s engine remotely too
  • When you press the horn button, no sound will come out.

Essentially, the remote to your Ford vehicle becomes useless at that point because things you used it for can no longer be done again.

What Should You Do If Your Ford Remote Is Dead?

Here is what to do if your Ford remote battery dies:

  • Now, assuming you are locked outside your Ford vehicle with a dead key fob, you should check your smartphone if you have the FordPass application on it, that is if you own a Ford SYNC Connect vehicle.
  • When you do that, all you have to do is pair it with your vehicle for seamless usage.
  • All of the Ford vehicles that are equipped with Ford SYNC Connect can be unlocked remotely using the app on the phone.

Beautiful, isn’t it? That applies to only the Ford models made from 2016 upwards though. So if you have this feature in your car, a dead remote will do you no harm, you can unlock your car using the FordPass app on your device.

Not all Ford vehicles have the SYNC Connect feature so what about others? How do you gain access to the car and start the car’s engine with a dead remote?

There are actually other alternatives. Little surprise here, a key is enclosed and hidden in the key fob! With this, you are never unable to gain access to your car with a dead remote. Unlock the car manually with that hidden key.

When you are inside the car, look for a mechanical key slot. It will be in the center console or on the steering column. All you should do now is simply insert the dead remote into the key slot. That way, you can now push-button start the engine and it will come on!

Some people might not find it as straightforward as described here. If it does not come on, push down the START button of your Ford vehicle with that remote. It should come on.

These are a few ways to unlock your car and start the engine of your car even with a dead remote. They are temporary measures though. You need to get the battery of your key fob replaced as soon as possible.

Advantages of Using Ford Remote Key Start

Using the Ford remote key start comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Comfortable Drive

No one would like to be in a really cold car when it has been outside all night. The use of a remote key start will help in warming up the engine of the car easily even from a far distance.

When the engine is warm, the car will be warm and comfortable as well. This makes for a comfortable drive for both the riders and the driver.

Safer Trips

Because you have used the remote to start the car, thus warming it, the car becomes very warm and the trip is safer. The car will produce heat that will melt away the ice on the windscreen. This will increase the visibility of the driver and make for a safe trip as well.

Warm Engine

Extreme cold temperatures are not good for the engine and the motor oil. The cold makes the oil thick and it becomes difficult to flow through the pipes. Starting your car with the remote keeps the engine and the motor oil warm for use.

Disadvantages of Using Ford Remote Key Start

The major disadvantage of using a remote key start for your Ford vehicle is that the battery can die unexpectedly. It will be difficult for you when the remote stops working because of battery failure.

Another disadvantage is misplacing the remote. If this happens, you might be delayed from getting access to your vehicle until you get a spare or finds the remote.

Final Thoughts

Many of the latest Ford cars are equipped with remote starts. This makes it easy to gain access to the car and start the engine. The battery of the remote can die so it is important you download the FordPass app as an alternative to unlocking your car if you get stuck outside due to a dead remote.