How to Go Faster in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is a fantastic game and it is admired by many people for the amazing features it has. In this article, we talk about Mario Kart 8 in details, its characters, how to go fast, and how to do tricks in the game.

To go faster in Mario Kart 8, you need to know how to boost start which means starting the car at a higher speed. You also need to get familiar with the purple boost and try the auto-steering.

What is the Mario Kart 8?

For complete newbies, Mario Kart might seem strange and unknown. But for professionals (mostly young people), Mario Kart is a household name. LOL. It is popular among gaming generations.

What is the game all about though? Mario Kart is a racing game, it was developed and distributed by Nintendo.

Nintendo is a Japanese – owned video game company that produces a variety of video games for distribution all over the world. Nintendo is a popular name in the game industry. This is one of the games developed by Nintendo.

As the name suggests, Mario Kart 8 is the eighth release in the Mario Kart series. It is actually the direct follow-up game from the Mario Kart 7.

This game is sold online and physically at Nintendo shops all over the world. It is a heavy game somewhat, it is about 5 GB in size. This implies that it needs a particular amount of free memory on any device it is installed on.

The Mario Kart 8 video game was released in May 2014 globally. It consists of various characters in the game that players can choose from for kart racing. This game also came with features players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Just like many other gamers, it has a single-player mode (if you are the type that prefers playing against the computer) and a multi-player mode. The multi-player mode allows you to compete against other players physically or online.

How to Go Faster in Mario Kart 8

Just like every other game, Mario Kart 8 has winners and losers. The goal of every player is to win and overcome obstacles from other players.

Since it is a racing game, if you want to win, you have to reach the finish line before other players. Therefore, how can you go faster in Mario Kart 8? Unlike go-karts, you can go faster with Kart 8 by following subsequent tips:

1. Know How to Boost Start

The boost start is very important in every Mario Kart game. You need to start at the highest speed and get a proper head start against your opponents.

In Mario Kart 8, you should learn how to get a boost start because it is very different from other Mario games.

How to get it is by holding down the accelerator as soon as the number “2” stops moving. If you find that difficult to do, you should focus on Lakitu’s hands next time you are starting a race.

As soon as you see the “2” signal on his hands, you should press on the accelerator. If you do it properly, you will get a very fast boost.

2. Try the Auto-Steering

Auto-steering on Mario Kart 8 is a very useful tool. It is actually on by default in this game.

What it does is that it shows a small antenna at the back of your kart and during the game, if it looks like you are going to hit an obstruction or a barrier, it lights up to put you on the right path.

It will help you go faster by keeping you on the right path so you do not have accidents. It is also very helpful for amateur gamers who do not know how to guide the steering properly yet.

3. Get Familiar With the Purple Boost

The purple boost is your best friend. You need to know how to drive smoothly and perfect if you want to go faster in Mario Kart 8.

You do not want to spend more time in corners where you can just drift and continue at the same speed.

What you should do is hold the drift for a long time so as to make the purple boost appear. This will give you enough boost to make very quick drifts.

How to Do Tricks on Mario Kart 8 Switch

Tricks are vital skills needed to stay ahead of the opposition and win games. In Mario Kart 8, there are many tricks you can do to win races. We’ll just list out a few for you to know.

  • You Need to Target the Coins: This is very important because when you have more coins, you will gain more speed. You can have up to 10 coins at a time. Just keep collecting coins so you can get more bikes, gliders, karts, etc.
  •  Keep Collecting Defensive Items: Try as much as possible to shield yourself by stacking up defensive items. With defensive items like bananas and shells. Any attack directed toward you will not affect you.
  • Turn Around on a Dime: This is actually not available for battles but you can do it when you are in a race. What you need to do is hit on the brake and accelerator at the same time to make your kart wheelspin and turn around on a spot. It will help you when you need to change direction very quickly.
  • Use Low Ramps: Low ramps in Kart 8 help you move very fast to the left and right on the edge by drifting.

Who is the Fastest Character in Mario Kart 8?

Wario is the fastest character in Mario Kart 8. He has a top speed of 4.75. He has really high acceleration so he is a very good character to use when it comes to handling and overall driving experience.

Just so you know, using the fastest character comes with great risk because if you cannot handle the handling as a player, you will end up tumbling over from time to time.

Who Has the Best Car on Mario Kart 8?

You need the best cars if you want to win races effectively on Mario Kart 8. The best cars are listed here, just the top 10 in descending order.

Number 10 is Comet, No 9 is Cat Cruiser, No 8 is Biddybuggy, No 7 is Tanooki Kart, No 6 is Flame Rider (this position is also shared with Standard Bike), and No 5 is Wild Wiggler. The top 4 in descending order are Mercedes Silver Arrow, Mr. Scooty, City Tripper, and then Pipe Frame.

Pipe Frame is the best car on Kart 8. Its acceleration is perfect and the handling is unique as well. You don’t need a car that will affect your performance and acceleration.

Who Has the Best Acceleration on Mario Kart 8?

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi have the best acceleration on Mario Kart 8.

Final Thoughts

So far, the reviews on Mario Kart 8 are very encouraging, people seem to love the interface and the driving on windows and walls on the game. With more information about the tips and tricks you can use in winning any race on this game, you are sure to be a winner soon! (if you aren’t already though)