How to Disable Anti Theft Without Key

Car thefts are common in many countries, and as a means of prevention, manufacturers have come up with a device that can prevent unauthorized persons from using the car.

The car and lock icon is used to represent the anti-theft mode on the dashboard, When this light comes on, it is an indication that your car’s anti-theft mode has been activated. So, how to disable anti-theft without the key?

You can disable anti-theft without a key by disconnecting the car’s battery for 5 – 15 minutes and reconnecting it back. The error that caused the light to come on will reset when the battery is disconnected thereby disabling the anti-theft system.

What is a car Anti-theft mode?

The auto theft mode is a sensor installed in or around a car that is activated when there is a movement or an impact in the car, this sensor then sends off the alarm from the car sound system alerting the owner if there is an unusual movement or impact in the car.

The purpose of the system is to alert the owner and or people nearby that there is some unwelcome movement or impact in the car, indicating a theft.

Can I Turn Off My Car Anti-Theft Mode?

Yes. You can turn off your car’s anti-theft mode manually. There are several methods by which you can turn this off; they include inserting the key in the car doors and turning on the ignition, etc.

How to Disable Anti-Theft Without Key

You can disable anti-theft without the key by disconnecting the battery for 5 – 15 minutes and reconnecting it back.

This is the best way to get the car out of the anti-theft problem in your car. Disconnecting the car battery will fix the problem. Unplugging the battery by disconnecting the positive or negative terminal for some minutes will reset the car’s computer and solve the problem.

Another way to disengage and reset the anti-theft system is to insert the key in the door, the driver’s door, turn the key to unlock it and hold it for twenty to forty seconds. This is for the system to recognize that is the right key and disengage the alarm.

Other Ways to Get Car Out of Anti-Theft Mode

You can also follow the procedure below to get your car out of anti-theft mode:

Use the Car Key to Unlock the Car

Every time you use your key fob to enter the car, you are disabling the anti-theft mode“. So if you are having this kind of problem, the first thing you should try is to get close to the car and use the key fob to unlock it.

If the key fob doesn’t work, the battery might probably be down, you can use the metal key to unlock the car if it comes with one then turn the ignition to disable the system.

When the battery is drained, it won’t power the chip that powers the key. After you replace the key fob battery, you will have to wait to see if this solves the problem or if you will need to explore other solutions.

When the key fob solution doesn’t work, you will need to check the door lock cylinder to see if it is damaged or if it isn’t latching properly, it might be the reason for the anti-theft mode system issue.

You will need to replace the damaged door cylinder with a new one and wait to see if this solves the problem.

Removing/Replacing The Anti-Theft Fuse

You can remove/replace the anti-theft system fuse from your car’s fuse box and see if the problem goes away. This should be done when the system refuses to go away even after removing the battery. You can use this method. Maybe the anti-theft fuse has an issue.

How Do You Know if Your Car is in Anti Theft Mode?

When you notice that the anti-theft light is flashing rapidly on the dashboard or the car alarm is going off non-stop, you might have an anti-theft mode system issue.

It may be because the car does not recognize the key or there is a problem with the keyless signal, wiring, or the system of the car.

Also, if the car doesn’t want to unlock or start and or the steering wheel is locked you might have an anti-theft system problem.

Pros of Getting My Car Out of Anti-Theft Mode

The importance of getting your car out of the anti-theft includes but is not limited to the following:

  • To Put a Stop to the Disturbing Car Alarm Going Off at Random: When this mode is activated, it doesn’t exactly recognize you and might mistake you for a random passerby, albeit, a ‘thief’ sometimes, and when it does, the alarms get triggered. This happens often and randomly. Getting your car out of anti-theft helps you avoid these random disturbances.
  • To Remove the Car from Lock: When the car goes into lock mode as a result of the triggered anti-theft, you definitely will need to get the car out of anti-theft to unlock it.
  • To stop unprovoked flashing lights.

Cons of Getting My Car Out of Anti-Theft Mode

Although it is important to get your car out of the anti-theft mode for it to function properly, however, there are some cons to this:

  • The Car Anti-theft Might Stop Working Permanently: Since you want to get your car out of anti-theft mode, have it in the back of your mind that there is a reason why it was put there in the first place; for your vehicle’s protection. Getting it out of this will leave your vehicle vulnerable to thieves.
  • Cost to Replace It: You will be spending a lot to repair or replace the anti-theft mode once it stops working, and this is the cost of repairs you could have avoided altogether.

Will Unplugging the Battery Reset Anti Theft?

Yes. “Unplugging the car battery will reset the anti-theft mode system. if you have an anti-theft mode system issue and you can get under the hood, disconnect the negative and positive terminals of the battery for a few minutes, then connect it back.

Automatically, once you disconnect the car’s battery and reconnect it back after a few minutes, the computer will reset solving the problem.

How Do I Start My Car After Anti Theft Mode Reset?

Once the anti-theft has been reset, there is usually no hassle in starting the car.  Just press the start button in the car or inset the key in the ignition to turn the car on, the car should restart after this.

Final Thoughts

Car robbery is one of the most common crimes in urban cities across the world. The car anti-theft system is used to prevent car robbery, this system works with a sensor installed in and around the car that causes the car alarm from the sound system to go off when there is a movement or impact in the car.

When there is an issue with this anti-theft system, it becomes uncomfortable especially if the alarm is going off at random, and you might also not be able to start the car.

You can get your car out of this with the key mob, disconnect the battery, or use the key on the door. However, if the issue cannot be disabled by some or all the solutions provided in this article, you might want to visit your automotive workshop to have your car professionally checked.