What Does a Broken Motor Mount Feel Like

Cars are complex machines that consist of many interconnected parts. The center of the car is the engine. The engine is literally the brain of a car. It controls and directs the working of the car.

The engine itself contains other parts that make it work properly. The motor mount is one of such. So, what happens when this motor mount goes bad? What does a broken motor mount feel like?

A broken motor mount feels very uncomfortable, throughout the journey, you will notice surges, jerks, vibrations, and other unpleasant noises coming from the engine.

What Does a Broken Motor Mount Feel Like?

When we say a motor mount is broken, we mean that it is worn–out, damaged, leaves a hole in–between, or liquid leaks from the motor mount.

A broken motor mount feels very uncomfortable. Throughout the journey, you will notice surges, jerks, vibrations, and other unpleasant noises. It’s best for you to repair a broken motor mount as soon as possible to prevent future disasters.

What are the Signs of a Bad Motor Mount?

When a motor mount gets bad, you will notice:

1. A Lot of Noise

Whenever you hear a lot of noise coming from the engine of your car, it means that something is abnormal and out of place.

A motor mount absorbs vibrations produced by the engine so you do not feel it. Therefore, if you experience vibrations from your car’s engine, it could mean that the motor mount is broken/damaged, or out of place. You need to have it fixed immediately. Don’t continue driving with a broken motor mount.

2. Unsteady Engine Start

Sometimes, a very simple sign that shows that your motor mount is broken is an unsteady engine start. Damaged motor mounts make the engine very uncontrolled and shaky when started. It causes a lot of vibrations that run through the vehicle.

3. Jerks During Transmission

When you change gears and you observe a heavy jerk or even repeated jerks, it means that the motor mount is probably broken.

This happens because the transmission is connected to the engine. A broken motor mount will affect the engine and the engine affects the transmission. You should have the engine mount replaced immediately.

4. A Lot of Mechanical Sounds

A very common sign of a broken motor mount is the presence of mechanical sounds produced by the engine. It is no news that the engine is held in place by the motor mount.

When the motor mount cannot perform its function well, what do you expect? Well, the engine will be loose and its parts will shake, hit other parts, and cause noise in the car. Those sounds show that the motor mount is bad.

5. Wear and Tear

The motor mount has a metallic component in it. When it wears out as a metal, it will rust and corrode. If you see signs of wear and tear on your motor mount, it could mean that is damaged and malfunctioning.

6. Movement of the Engine

The engine of your car is put in place firmly with the aid of nuts or bolts. These nuts or bolts are used to keep it in position at all times.

When the motor mount gets faulty, these bolts become loose and it makes the engine change position. Such a change in position might be a bend or a tilt which is not good for the engine.

What To Do When Motor Mount Breaks?

When you notice a broken motor mount, you should take it to a professional automobile shop to get it repaired as soon as possible.

It is very dangerous to drive with a broken motor mount. It can cause a lot of harm to the vehicle and inhibit its performance of the vehicle. You will definitely notice when your car has a broken motor mount.

If it needs to be replaced, you will need to pay somewhere between $100 and $400. It depends on many factors as well. The materials needed to install the mount, how difficult the repair will be, and the duration the repair will take all come into play when determining the cost of replacing a motor mount.

I’ve had a broken motor mount before on my 2005 Peugeot 304 SW. Before I could notice it to fix it, it caused more damage to the vehicle.

As the engine keeps moving anytime I brake suddenly, there is something in the engine that keeps cracking the radiator. To the extent that the radiator started leaking. I had to replace both the motor mount and radiator which cost more money. So, the earlier you have it replaced, the better.


To round it up, the motor mount performs a very important role in the engine and it should not be ignored whenever it gets damaged or broken. Don’t allow what happened to me to happen to you.