Can Bad Engine Mounts Affect the Transmission

The transmission is part of the engine and its basic work is to transfer power from the engine to the wheel. An engine mount on the other hand works by keeping the engine in position, with all its sides on the same level.

Just like other parts of an engine, the motor or motor mount can go bad with the major reason being aging. An engine mount is made of rubber, and the rubber wears outs over the year. Therefore, can bad engine mounts affect the transmission?

Yes, a bad engine mount can affect the transmission if all the mounts holding the engine goes bad without being replaced on time. The bad engine mounts can cause enough movement that can throw off the manual shift linkage or the throttle valve linkage of the vehicle thereby affecting the shifting quality and timing of the transmission.

Can Bad Engine Mounts Affect the Transmission?

A bad engine mount can affect the transmission among other things. An engine mount is usually put in place to prevent the engine from moving around, however, this may happen due to some reasons other than the mount going bad.

The transmission can be affected when the engine moves as a result of bad motor mounts. One way the transmission may be affected will be with the timing and the shifting quality. The transmission alignment will also most likely be affected.

Why Do Engine Mounts Go Bad?

Engine mounts have been known to go bad due to the following reasons:

  • Aging: One of the most common causes why engine/motor mount breaks are aging and constant use over time. The amount will wear out with time which prevents it from doing its work. So whether you want it to happen or not your engine mount will wear out.
  • Improper Driving Techniques: Many drivers are used to over-revving a gear without knowing the effect it may have on the engine mount. To extend the life of the mount proper driving techniques should be used.
  • Improper Installation: One of the reasons why you should employ the services of a professional when installing the engine mount is because a bad job done while installing an engine mount will cause more damage. Improper installation of the mount may result in its going bad.
  • Leakage of Fluid: The engine utilizes fluid for many of its functions, some of this fluid whether due to an issue somewhere in the engine may leak onto the mount. Having fluid on the mount isn’t a good thing because all it does is weaken it which results in its failure.

What Other Damages Can a Bad Engine Mount Cause

Asides from the damage a bad engine mount can cause to transmission, there are other damages that can be caused, some of which are:

Engine Damage

Damage to the vehicle’s engine is usually an extreme case. Before a bad mount can damage the engine, all the mount must be damaged. With nothing holding the engine up, it is tossed here and there with its various components hitting one another.

Reduced Performance of the Vehicle

Once the engine is damaged, the performance of the vehicle will definitely be reduced because it relies on the engine and its parts for optimal performance.

Power Loss

A broken engine mount will cause a loss of torque produced by the engine needed to move forward, this is in the event that the engine is not damaged. Power loss may happen because the continuous movement of the engine saps power.

Broken Engine Belt and Hose

The engine belt also known as the ‘serpentine belt’ is responsible for driving lots of peripheral devices in an engine, with some such devices being, the water pump, alternator, air pump, etc.

The continuous movement of the engine will cause the engine belt or hose to snap. If the engine belt breaks, a lot of other parts will be affected.

Damage to Other Engine Components

In the event that all the mounts are not bad and the engine is not damaged, some other vital components may be damaged as a result of excessive moving around. Vital components that shouldn’t touch one another in the engine meet with continuous and excessive movement.

Reason Why You Should Replace Your Bad Engine Mount

Here are some reasons why you should have a bad engine mount replaced:

  • Risk of Damage to the Engine: One of the reasons why you should replace a bad engine mount is to avoid engine damage. The longer you wait to replace a bad mount, the more damage that will be done to the engine.
  • Cost of Fixing Damaged Engine: If nothing will give you the urgency/reason to replace a bad mount, the cost of fixing the damaged engine should be. For some cars, you may not worry about the cost but for others, the cost can be pocket-tearing.
  • Road Risk: For a start, it is not advisable to drive a vehicle with a bad mount around for safety reasons. Driving a car with a bad engine mount puts you and other road users at risk because you never can tell what will happen.
  • Damages to Other Components: Depending on the number of bad mounts, if the engine isn’t damaged then some other components in the engine will be. Excessive movement of the engine will result in damage to other components of the engine.


Damages done by a bad mount can turn out to be costlier than the cost of replacing the mounts. It is cost-effective to replace an engine mount as soon as possible.

The response time to the mount replacement may also depend on your ability to quickly detect the signs given by the car or engine. There will always be signs and symptoms telling you that your mount is bad.