How to Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock

The club steering wheel lock is a steel bar, that has two separate end edges designed to fit into and hold the steering wheel of a car. As the name already suggests, it is used to secure the steering wheel of cars and prevent it from theft.

Can You Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock?

Yes, the club steering wheel lock can be broken, although the process of breaking the club would require some tools and also take a reasonable amount of time. Over time, upgrades have been made to control the speed at which the club is broken.

When the club came into use, the very first models were not too hard to break and various companies have worked on these weaknesses to make sure that steering wheels can be secured.

The club is supposed to protect your car from random people being able to access the steering by restricting the movement of the steering and preventing anyone from making off with your car

However, there have been records of people breaking into a car and successfully breaking the club steering wheel lock in a very short time through different methods. So some people have begun to question and doubt the credibility of the club steering wheel lock.

Tools Needed to Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock

To successfully break the club steering wheel lock by yourself, you need a few tools. Several tools can be used which depends on the method you want to use to break the club steering wheel lock.

The tools that can be used are:

  • Screwdrivers/chisel/crowbar
  • Hammer
  • WD40
  • Freon or Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Heavy work Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Plastic bag

How to Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock

The club steering wheel lock can be broken with a few different methods. These methods can be harmful, especially if you’ll be using the procedure that involves using Freon, therefore extreme caution should be taken while trying to break the lock.

The first method which also isn’t too stressful is;

1. By Using A Screwdriver

This method aims to force the lock open which is why the screwdriver would be the main tool. Any metal bar with a flat edge can be used in place of a screwdriver in case you don’t have one


Insert the flat edge of your screwdriver into the lock, and push it into the lock. You can use the hammer to apply a little force so that the screwdriver goes into the lock well.

After you have successfully inserted the screwdriver or any other metal bar that you have access to into the hole in the lock, it will reveal the gears of the club steering wheel lock’s cylinder.

Once the gears have been opened, there’s not much left to do.


Gently turn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. This should be done easily.

You can also use a wrench for this. Use the wrench to easily turn the lock and as you keep turning it, you’ll notice that the lock gets loose, just keep turning until the lock comes off completely.


The lock will be open by now and all that is left to do is to stretch the steel rods holding the steering. Place a steel rod in the middle of the two holes on the different sides of the lock.

Hit the steel rod with a hammer until the lock has broken free completely.

A chisel or crowbar can be used to perform this procedure, but you must ensure that while hitting the tool, it doesn’t have a sharp edge so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your car.

The second method involves the use of Freon or any liquid nitrogen. This process can be harmful so it must be done with care and precautions.

2. Breaking the Lock With Freon

Freon can be used to break the lock because of the pressure and force it creates which causes the lock to break.


Wear your hand gloves and safety goggles before you begin the procedure because Freon is harmful when it touches the body.

You should have already purchased a can of Freon before starting the procedure.


Carefully apply the liquid Freon over the slot where the key enters the steering lock. Make sure that the Freon covers all the parts of the lock.

Once you have done this, you will need to wait for a while as the lock will start freezing.


Spray the contents of the Freon bottle directly into the keyhole. You should spray enough into the keyhole to make the process of freezing faster.

Once the Freon can is empty you should not dispose of it carelessly, it should be disposed into a plastic bag.


Use a hammer to hit the part of the lock that has frozen. The frozen part will break as soon as the hammer hits it and your steering wheel will be unlocked.

3. Breaking The Lock With WD40

WD40 is a lubricant that provides lubrication and allows the metal parts of the lock to contract expand and break eventually.


Spray the WD40 lubricant on all the parts of the lock, you should focus more on the keyhole. Do this repeatedly so that the lubricant works faster.


The lubricant makes the keyhole and the metal parts get very hot and expand after it has been sprayed.

Wait for a while after spraying then try hitting the locks with a hammer to make the process faster or you could just wait and keep spraying the WD40 lubricant until the locks break.

When Should You Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock?

You should only break the club if you can no longer find the keys to the club steering wheel lock.

Trying to break the club steering wheel lock renders it useless so it should not be done if you still have the key somewhere around.

Pros and Cons of Breaking the Club Steering Wheel Lock

  • Saves Time: When you have misplaced the keys to your club steering wheel lock, you would save a lot of time that you would spend wondering, worrying, and trying to figure out where the key is.
  • By breaking the lock, you’ll save a lot of time and you can get on with other things that need to be done.
  • Damaged Steering Cover: In the process of trying to remove the plastic steering cover in order to readily access the steering lock, it can get broken which would mean you have to replace it.


The club steering wheel should not be broken and owners should keep their keys well to avoid going through stress. Some new versions of the club steering wheel locked have been made with metals that cannot be frozen and broken