Someone Broke into My Car Without Breaking Window

Theft or burglary as you may call it is on the rise in recent times. It is now common to hear that your car has been broken into without breaking the window.

How possible is this? What could have made it happen? Are there ways to prevent further attempts? What did I do wrong?

Can Someone Break into My Car Without Breaking the Window?

Yes, someone can break into your car without needing to break the window with the intention of either stealing the valuables in your car or some valuable car parts. The criminals that do this know how they do it and the procedure with which they do it.

How Can Someone Break into My Car Without Breaking the Window?

Extensive research has shown that there are several methods someone can use to break into your car without touching your window. These procedures are:

1. Through Unlocked Boot

For people who do not own a car that opens and closes its boot automatically, it is possible that one day, you forget to close the boot.

This has happened to me sometimes in the past. I did not notice my boot was left open until I got to my destination and I realized it.

I was very distraught and worried because anything could have gone missing at that point. Though, I later realized that the dashboard light had been on signifying that the boot wasn’t closed and that was my mistake.

I should have noticed the light, stepped out of the car, and closed the boot. So you see, it is not uncommon for people to forget to lock their boots while in their cars.

If a thief sees an unlocked boot, what do you think comes to his/her mind? They see free access to your car and they have an opportunity to steal easily. So this is one of the ways someone can break into your car without breaking the window.

2. Through Unlocked Door

Voila, this is a perfect way someone can break into your car without breaking the window. I mean, if you leave your door unlocked, you are simply being careless and presenting an opportunity for thieves to break into your car.

With an unlocked car, the person only has to open the doors, search the car and move away with valuables inside it. It is that easy.

As drivers, we need to do better. It is careless of you to leave your door unlocked. Not only does it present a thief with an easy opportunity to break into your car, but many more things could also happen to your car.

Nowadays, car thieves even take away some important parts of the car like the radio, catalytic converter, lights, engine sensor, and many other things from the car.

It would be best if you were extra careful to make sure that you never leave your car unlocked.

3. Through Unlawful Access to Your Key Fob

This is quite painful. Imagine someone hacking your key fob and CLONING it!! That is really hurtful because it means that you both share access to your car at any time.

Someone can break into your car without breaking the window by using a cloned key fob.

If someone gains access to your key fob by stealing it from you, it is possible that they can use it to break into your car at any time without needing to break the window.

How Easy is it for Someone to Break into My Car Without Breaking the Window?

It is very easy for someone to break into your car through any of the means explained above. That is why it is your responsibility to make it difficult for them to do so. There are some things you can do to prevent someone from breaking into your car.

What to Do When Someone Broke Into My Car Without Breaking Window?

As soon as you notice that your car was broken into by someone, what you should do first and fast is to notify the police to help you catch the person that broke into your car.

When you get to the police, you will be made to file a report. This report should include photos, videos, and any form of evidence you possess that shows that your car was broken into.

In fact, before going to the police, take as much evidence as you can gather from the scene of the event.

You can ask people around to tell you their own accounts of what happened to your car, you can also ask nearby shops if you could view their security camera footage to see who did that to your car.

How to Prevent Someone from Breaking into your Car without Smashing Window

In this life, there will always be thieves or people who want what you have and their only aim is to forcefully and unlawfully gain access to your property. It is your responsibility to secure your properties from these people.

The rate at which people’s cars are being broken into is getting disappointingly high. Nonetheless, as thieves get smarter, we also should get smarter.

These are things you can do to prevent someone from breaking into your car:

Park Well

You should always park in places that are well-lit. I cannot stress this enough, park in a place with a lot of lights or “eyes”.

Eyes could mean security guards or security cameras. Thieves hate the light because the light gets their attention on them. They prefer darkness because they can work in darkness without arousing suspicion.

To avoid people breaking into your car, park in places with a lot of light.

Do Not Leave Valuable Things in Your Car

This is so important because a lot of people are guilty of this. Some people leave their laptops, expensive wristwatches, and other valuables in their cars and leave them parked when going into the mall.

This is very risky because you can attract these bad people to break into your car in order to get access to your valuables.

Give an Impression that Your Car is Empty

As we said earlier, thieves are always attracted by what they see. So when you make your car look empty, it makes it look worthless and less valuable to thieves. This way, there will be no incentive for anyone to break into your car.

Always Lock Your Door

Always lock all your car doors and boot. Make sure the windows are up as well. Remember, the security of your property is your responsibility!

Install Anti Theft Mode

Install anti-theft mode in your car, or better still ensure the security is working. It can help signal that something is happening to your car.


Thieves will always look for ways to steal. As an individual, you have the responsibility to stay secure and think ahead of them. What is it that will cause someone to break into your car? You only need to think about it and use prevention methods to stop it from happening.