Do Repo Companies Work on Weekends

Repo companies are companies that specialize in car repossession. Their duty is to repossess cars for lenders and financial institutions.

Since these lenders does not do the repossession themselves, they hire a third party company that specialize in repossessing cars. The company will however send a repo man who will repossess the car.

The repo company will ensure that the car is repossessed without issues, employing the best method available to ensure the job is done. Therefore, do repo companies work on weekends?

Yes, repo companies work on weekends, holidays, morning, afternoon, and night. They work when they feel its the best time and place to repossess the car.

Do Repo Companies Work on Weekends?

Yes, repo companies work on weekends. Repossession companies work all the time. Morning, afternoon, night, weekends, and holidays. The work when they feel it’s the best time to do so.

If a repo agent feels that the car is mostly available on weekends, he can come on weekends to repossess the car. The fact that it is weekend does not stop him from doing his job.

Once a repo man is hired under any repossession company, his primary duty becomes to repossess the defaulter car in the best possible way they can. The repo man cannot stop until the car is repossessed even if it means coming on weekends to tow the car.

For example, before a repo man comes to tow your car for repossession, he must have monitored the car and your movement. He’s already fully aware of when you’re at home and when you’re not. The idea of the search is to get the best possible time to come for the repossession.

If after the investigation, he gathered that the car is always readily available on weekends, he will come on weekends for the repossession.

According to a repo agent, Marissa Anneke-Collins, he has repossessed a car on a weekend on a church parking lot where the defaulter was a maid of honor in a wedding. The debtor was a maid of honor on a wedding, while the car was parked on the church parking lot, he went and towed the car.

So, repo agents under repo companies works on weekends especially if that’s the best time to repossess the car.

Reasons Why Repo Companies Works on Weekends

The reasons why repo companies works on weekends is because of the Rules they must Follow.

Repo agents has rules they must follow while repossessing any car, therefore, because of this rule, the work at any time possible for them to easily get the car without breaking those rules. The rules is never to breach any peace while repossessing a car.

  • The repo agent cannot break a locked garage to repo a car
  • He cannot enter your private property to repo a car without your permission
  • He cannot threaten, harass or use force on you
  • He cannot repossess the car while you’re inside the car
  • He is not a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice
  • He can quietly follow you to monitor your movement without you knowing but cannot chase you
  • He cannot request the police assistance in repossessing the car
  • He cannot block your driveway
  • He cannot enter into a locked private property with the owner’s permission

Because of these rules, the repo agent works at all time to ensure the job is done. Therefore, if he feels that coming to your driveway on weekends is better to easily tow the car without beaching your peace, he can do so.

It you listened to what Marissa Anneke-Collins said, you will notice that he waited till when the debtor parked the car in the church parking lot and was busy doing maid of honor in a wedding before he repossessed the car. That was when it was possible for him to do so.


Repo companies works at any given time, be it work days, weekends, holidays, morning, afternoon and nights. They go when they feel it’s the best time to repossess the car and they do it without breaching any peace.