What Time do Repo Man Usually Come

Repossession of a car often happens when a borrower defaults on the payment plan, the lender will repossess the car to prevent the defaulter from driving a car he didn’t pay for.

The repossession can start even if you miss one day in the payment plan which is why it is good to communicate with your lender if you are going to miss your payment plan. Doing this may or may not deter the lender from sending the repo man to come get the car. Therefore, what time do repo men usually come?

There’s no specific time a repo man can come to repossess a car, the repo man can come at any time of the day, be it morning, afternoon, or night to repossess the car irrespective of where the car is parked.

What Time Does Repo Man Usually Come?

There’s no particular time given to repo men to come repossess a car for missing a payment plan. They can come in the morning, afternoon, and in the night. They can also come to repossess the car at places you least expected.

Oftentimes, when someone misses his car payment, the lender would start the repossession plan immediately. However, depending on what’s written on the contract you signed, the repossession can start immediately after you miss one payment, it can also start after you miss several payments.

The truth is that the defaulters are aware that the car will be repossessed. Why won’t you? You know what you signed and missing the payment means repossession. You don’t have the right to drive a car you failed to pay for.

Once the lender contacts a repo man for a repossession job, the repo man comes at any time he feels possible to get the car. Before the repo man comes, he will first monitor your movement, so if he feels that coming in the night is the best time to get the car, then nothing will stop him from doing so.

The repo man can come at the time you least expected. Even if you take the car to a location where you feel the repo man wouldn’t dare to come, you will be surprised to see the man. Below are examples of places where repo men have repossessed a car.

According to Marissa-Annake Collins, as a repo man, he has repossessed a car from a restaurant parking lot where the defaulter took his date. How do you manage to take someone on a date with a car you failed to pay for?

He went further to say that he had also repossessed a car from a church parking lot where the defaulter was a maid of honor at a wedding.

Another one was at a school parking lot because the parent asked their child to take the car to the school with the hope that it would deter the repo man. However, from the look of things, parking in a school parking lot didn’t deter him from repossessing the car.

Another repo man by the name of Robert Kopp has reportedly repossessed a car and another car the defaulter came with to inquire about the repossession.

According to him, he had earlier repossessed the defaulter’s car, he ended up coming to the appointment apartment with another car that was up for repossession, and he quickly repossessed that one too. Funny but not too funny.

The truth is that you can’t hide a car due for repossession from the repo man, at least not forever. He will find the car and when he does, he will tow the car irrespective of the time, day, or event.

So the best thing to do is to never fail your car payment plan and if you are going to pay, at least, contact the lender and communicate with them.

Factors that Determine the Time a Repo Man Comes

The factors that determine when a repo man comes are:

1. The Availability of the Car

The availability of the car that is about to be repossessed determines when a repo man will come. If the repo man, after investigation, noticed that the car is not available in the state, maybe someone did a long journey with the car, he may have to wait and monitor until the car is back before he comes.

2. When You’re Available

After monitoring the car and your movement for some days, if you traveled with the car the same day the repo man was supposed to come to repossess the car, the repo man will either have to wait till you come back or inform the lender to look for any other third party that will repossess the car in your current location.

Perhaps the car is parked in a locked garage, the repo man cannot break the garage locks to repossess the car, he has to wait until you’re available to open the garage locks.

3. When It’s Perfect to Tow the Car

Nonetheless, from what some repo men had said, they don’t have a specific time they come, they just go when they feel it’s easier to tow the car.

How Do I Know When My Repo is Coming?

You cannot know when a repo man is coming to repossess your car because you may hide or go away with the car, hence making it difficult for the repo man to locate the car.

When you fail in the payment plan and your car is due for repossession, the lender may inform you about the repossession but will never inform you when the repo man is coming.

However, depending on what you signed when you purchased the car, the lender may or may not inform you about the repossession. The information has already been made available to you when you purchased the car. You don’t need to be reminded.

Moreover, most lenders usually hire a third party agent to do the repossession for them. They mostly hire a towing service that specializes in repossessing vehicles.

Final Thoughts

As long as car repossession is concerned, there is no specific time of the day when the repo man comes to repossess a car. The repo man can come at any given time, morning, afternoon, or night, whenever he finds it possible to get hold of the car, that’s when he comes.