Can I Use a PO Box Address on my Driver License

A driver’s license is one of the requirements needed before you can drive on the road. The driver’s license is what qualifies you to drive on the road.

There are necessary details that should be on the driver’s license. These details ranges from your full name, a clear image of you, and of course, your address, etc. Therefore, when adding my address, can I use a PO Box address on my driver license?

In the majority of the states in the US, you can not use the PO Box address on your driver’s license because a PO Box is a mailing address located inside of a government-run facility used by the United States Postal Service, and not a physical or residential address. 

What is a PO Box?

Post Office Box shortened to PO Box is a numbered box located at a post office. The box is assigned to a person or organization, and the letters for them are kept there till they are called for.

People that have this box will have their residential addresses unpublished, and this in turn brings privacy.

In countries where there is no door-to-door delivery of mail, a PO box is a way to receive mail. Individuals or businesses rent PO boxes either monthly or annually. The sizes of the box will determine the rent cost.

What is PO Box Used for?

PO Box is used in receiving mails and packages. They are used primarily to receive mail in areas where mail is not delivered to the home directly. You can also choose to have a PO box even if you can mail delivered to your home.

PO box is used to protect your privacy. When you rent a PO box, you are protecting your residential address. If you don’t want people to know where you are living, a PO box should be used for your transaction.

Can I Use a PO Box Address on my Driver License?

It depends on the state you are residing, most states in the US don’t allow PO box addresses on your driver’s license. They will require a physical or residential address which is your residential address or even your parents address.

You can only use a PO box address to renew your driver’s license in some states, not as your residential address, but as your mailing address.

You will receive the renewed driver’s license in your PO box. To obtain a new driver’s license, you need to provide your residential address.

A driver’s license is issued by the state so if you are moving to a new state, you need to get a new driver’s license. You can’t possibly use the out-of-state address you have not to mention using your PO box address.

Why Can’t I Use PO Box on my Diver’s License?

You cannot use PO Box on your driver’s license because a PO box is not a physical or residential address, but rather a mailing address located inside of a government-run facility used by the United States Postal Service which can only be used for mailing purposes.

Where is PO Box Used in the Driver’s License?

PO box address is not accepted to be used if you want to get a driver’s license. But there is a way to go around it.

Rather than using your PO box address, use the address of the post office where the box is situated. That is a physical address. And you should use the address for many of your transactions: bank transactions, insurance, etc., for it to be accepted.

The address always required for your driver’s license is where your emails are being delivered. The PO box address is not allowed at all. But if your state allows it for mailing the license during renewal, you can make use of it.

Is a PO Box Considered a Physical Address?

PO box is not considered a physical address because that is not where you live. The PO box is always situated in a post office, and you are not staying in a post office. The only way a PO box can be considered a physical address is when you use the address of the post office.

What Do You Do if You Don’t Have a Physical Address?

If you don’t have a home due to the rising cost of housing and you want to get a driver’s license or renew it, you can actually get a driver’s license or renew the one you have: you should get a PO box that is running.

On every document, you want to fill in, use the address of the post office. This address can stand as a physical address on your driver’s license. That is if your state allows that. Do not do this if your state does not allow it.

You can also register for the local PADS shelter program and have a place to sleep overnight. The shelter will have a physical address that you can use.

But the issue with this is that you can be sharing addresses with criminals. This can be implicating when background checks are done on you.

What Address Should Be on my Driving License?

A physical address is always required on the driving license. Your residential address is preferable on the driving license.

PO box address is not allowed at all on your driving license because it is not considered to be a physical address. But if you want your privacy, you can use the address of the post office.

Pros of PO Box

Renting a PO box has many benefits. The following are the benefits:


One way to keep people from knowing where you live is by using a PO box. You will use the PO box for all your mails and packages.

To better have that privacy, you can also use the address of the post office where the box is situated on the majority of your documents. This will really keep your residential address a secret.

Secured Mails and Packages

When you have a PO box, you won’t be concerned if someone else has checked your mail or your mail has been mixed up with your neighbor’s. Your mails are always secured till when you come to pick them up.


Your packages are delivered faster to your PO box than they are delivered to your mailbox at home or at your business address.

Final Thoughts

PO box is getting more popular by each day. That is not the reason why you should ask if you can use PO box address on my driver license. The PO box is usually secured with a key and it is always monitored since it is on the same property as the post office. Renting a PO box is also not costly: you can get one.