How Long Do You Have to Wait to Take the Driving Test After the Written Test

Driving tests have the written and practical parts respectively, it’s a test of knowledge (written) and expertise (practical).

The driver’s license which is issued after successfully passing all the tests is given to individuals that are 18 years of age and above, underage persons will be given a learner’s permit which allows them to drive under the supervision of someone with a license.

Since getting a driver’s license involves both written and practical tests, how long do you have to wait to take the driving test after the written test?

You may have to wait for days to months to take the driving test after you have concluded the written test because of the number of people that booked appointments for the driving test. However, if you can book an appointment for the same day, then you can take the test.

What Is The Essence Of A Driving Test?

A driving test is taken to evaluate how honed the driving skills of individuals are before they are allowed to drive unsupervised and without restrictions.

The driving test is multifaceted. It has the written, the vision screening, and the practical parts.

These tests are put in place to avoid situations where unskilled people are driving and also to reduce the risk of accidents.

The tests evaluate your knowledge about car maintenance, how to handle cars in certain situations, and how much you know about traffic signs and road laws.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Take The Driving Test After The Written Test?

You have to wait until you can secure an appointment at the DMV. So as soon as you’re done with the written test, you can immediately book an appointment for your driving test.

However, most of the time, the DMV is usually crowded with people that want to book appointments for their driving test, so you likely will not be able to get an appointment or take the driving test the same day.

If you can however book an appointment for the same day, then you can take the test.

The driving test appointment can only be booked after you have passed the written test, as it is one of the criteria to be able to book an appointment for the driving test at the DMV.

If you are below 18 years of age, you need to have done 50 hours of driving under the supervision of someone with a valid license to take over the control when necessary.

Also, you need to have taken 2-hour training from a registered and licensed instructor 3 times before you can be allowed to take the driving test.

Is It Possible To Take The Written And Driving Test On The Same Day?

Generally, you cannot take both tests on the same day although it is not a legal restriction, it is just being practical.

You need to have an appointment to take the driving test and appointments are not easy to come by.

People usually have to wait for a long period before they can get an appointment, sometimes they wait for a week or less, and sometimes it takes up to a month as the case may be.

Some DMV offices are devoted to just the driving test to get your driver’s license but they are crowded most of the time because of how difficult it is to get appointments at the regular DMV offices, many people opt for these centers that are devoted to just driving tests.

In rare cases where you can secure appointments on the day, you took your written test too, then you can take the driving test.

Benefits Of Driving Test

The benefits of taking a driving test are:

1. Improved Driving

Passing the driving test means that you know the safety rules, road laws, traffic signals, and every other thing that is being considered.

Following through with all that you’ve learned in the process of taking the driving test makes you a better driver because there’s no way you’d be a bad driver and you would have passed the test.

The improvement in your driving skills would make you more confident and even more aware of your driving situations. You will also be able to deal with these different driving and road situations.

2. Safe Driving Practices

Individuals that have passed the driving test have learned both theoretically and practically about safe driving practices and can drive safely on the road regardless of what they face just as they did during their practical driving test.

Having gone through the learning phase, you take fewer risks, follow guidelines, and overall, put everything (including people) into consideration when driving.

People that take the driving test and pass both the written and practical tests have practiced a lot and have mastered the techniques of driving safely.

3. Increased Confidence

The confidence of a driver is built right from the time they start practicing to take the test to the time they took the test with a supervisor sitting in their passenger’s seat, till when they become licensed and can drive without restrictions.

The confidence of a licensed driver is built over time and eventually, they can sit behind the steering and drive without fear.

4. Reduced Risk of Accidents

There is a reduction in the number of car crashes and accidents considering how much attention is paid to the details in your driving before you pass the driving test. The fact that you did not fail your driving test proves it all.

Drivers already know what to do in case of accidents as it is one of the things that they are tested on, their knowledge on how well they can manage situations in case of emergencies or accidents.

5. Increases Awareness of The Driver

One of the things the driving test and practices before the test does is increase the awareness of every driver.

The driver becomes more aware of all the things happening around him even as he focuses on driving. He checks for the cars behind and in front of him, people walking on the streets, and everything else around him.

6. Better Use Of The Mirrors

During the process of taking the test, drivers would have learned the use of each mirror and how to use them to their advantage. The driver learns to make use of all the resources that are available to him to make his driving seamless.

7. Good Driving Record

You become familiar with driving tactics that prevent or lessen accidents, hence, you have a clean driving record.

Getting into the expenses of accidents as a new driver does not sit well and can be discouraging. In the act of taking the driving test, you are only guaranteed a better driving record.

Final Thoughts

The driving test is usually taken by everyone who wants to get a license and there are usually no exceptions. People must get enough practice and have enough knowledge of the safety rules and road laws before attempting to take the driving test, that way the probability of failing is reduced to a minimum and they would not have to keep paying to take the test repeatedly.

Furthermore, getting good training instructors and enrolling in the appropriate driving classes would set you up on being the ideal driver there is.