Can a 65 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Civic

TVs are essential gadgets in homes. You need them to watch movies, stay updated with the latest news, watch sports, and do a lot of other entertaining activities. You know, the larger the size of your TV, the better your viewing experience will be.

If you purchase a large TV such as a 65-inch TV, you might be wondering if it can fit into your Honda Civic car. Well, this article has been written especially for you. So, can a 65-inch tv fit in a Honda Civic?

A 65-inch TV can fit into a Honda Civic depending on how you place it. You will need to adjust some seats at the back and place them down. If you want to place it upright, you can have someone sit in the trunk of your Honda Civic to hold it firmly so it does not fall.

Honda Civic: An Overview

The Honda Civic is a five-door car with enough space for up to four people. The space for legs is actually okay at the front and the back.

To contain 5 people, there would be a squeeze at the back because the seat is not so wide. The Honda Civic seats are non-ideally low, you will notice because getting into the car and getting out of the car is not so easy.

The full specifications of the size and dimensions of the Honda Civic are listed below. Note that these specifications cover all the models of the Honda Civic.

The length of a Honda Civic car is 4,518 mm. The height is measured at 1,434 mm. The width, without mirrors, is 1,799 mm. And the width, with mirrors, is 2,076 mm.

Now, considering the boot size, the boot of a Honda Civic car is large enough for the day–to–day activities of a family. Groceries, work luggage, traveling luggage, and some heavy-duty equipment at times.

When you move the rear seats up, the space of the boot measures around 420 to 478 liters. The rear seats cannot be folded completely though, but it still provides more space when you roll them down. Now the space can measure up to 1,209 – 1,267 liters which is more than the average space of a boot.

65 Inch TV Length and Width

You should know the dimensions of a 65 inches TV so you can calculate whether you can fit it in any space. A 65 inch TV has a width of 58 inches, a depth of 2 inches and a length of 34 inches (without the stand), and 36 inches (with the stand).

Can a 65 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Civic?

It is possible that a 65-inch tv will fit into a Honda Civic Hatchback. However, it depends on the placement. With the TV still inside the carton, you will have to place it flat. That way, it can fit into the trunk of the car.

But note that if the 65-inch TV is not placed upright, there is also an increased risk of damage. The same thing goes when placing a 50-inch TV in your car.

How Can You Make a 65 Inches Fit in a Honda Civic?

You will have to flatten the rear seats. Roll them all the way down; this creates additional space for the trunk. Insert the 65 inches TV into the trunk and all the way through, on top of the rear seats. Place it properly and use safety equipment to secure it.

How Do You Transport a 65 Inches TV in a Car?

A 65 inch TV is a very large TV actually. It is not going to be easy to transport it in your car comfortably. But there are some things you can do to make transportation possible.

One is to put the 65 inches TV on the rear seats and make use of the seat belts to strap it. Do you know why? When the seat belts are firmly in place, no matter the bumps and hops along the road, the TV will not fall from the seats.

Another way to transport a 65 inches TV is to put it in the boot. You can place it flat or stand it upright but use safety equipment to guide it and keep it firm. The screen is delicate and expensive, as you know.

How Do You Transport a 65-Inch TV Without a Box?

You need some materials and tools to transport a 65 inches TV without the use of a box. A tape for packing, a wardrobe box, bubble wrap, a blanket, and a heavy box cutter. I’ll explain the use of these materials in transporting the TV.

Starting with bubble wrap, it is a transparent plastic used for packing fragile items. The bubbles in it provide cushioning for the 65 inches TV.

When you have packed the TV, the packing tape will be used to seal it properly. The wardrobe box is something you can make or purchase. It is used as a moving material for items like a TV when it does not come with its own box. Other materials used are self-explanatory.

Now how do you do it, imagine the 65-inch TV is a piece of furniture. Make use of the moving blanket to cover it fully. Get the bubble wrap and wrap the TV completely from top to bottom to protect it while transporting. You might need about 3 – 4 layers of bubble wrap to do it effectively. Fasten it with packing tape for enhanced protection.

Do You Have to Lay a 65 Inch TV Down when Transporting?

The answer to this is a yes and a no. You can lay a 65 inches TV down when transporting but you have to be careful not to face the screen down. The screen has to face up to avoid damage to it. It is as simple as that.

Many people will often say you should not lay the TV down; it is because of the plasma or LCD. If the screen is faced down, you might have it damaged.

How Wide is the Honda Civic Hatchback Trunk?

The width of the Honda Civic Hatchback trunk is 25.7 feet3 (with the rear seat up) and 46.2 feet3 (with the rear seat down).

Pros of Buying a 65 Inch TV

Buying any electronic item always comes with its pros and cons. A TV is not exempted. Here, we consider the pros involved in getting a large-screen TV such as a 65-inch TV.

Some of the pros of buying a 65-inch TV are:

1. Watching Movies

Because a 65-inch TV is extremely wide and large, watching movies on it will be a pleasant experience. You will get a cinematic experience.

The picture quality is helpful. You know the larger a screen is, the better the picture quality will be. A 65-inch TV comes with a very high resolution that is perfect for watching movies, series, and even playing games.

2. Features provided

A 65-inch TV is in a class of TVs that provide its viewers with features for home control. It could be a touch screen, can have some temperature control, sound recognition, and some other powerful features.

It is mostly a smart device so it can be connected to other smart devices in the home such as computers, refrigerators, doors, routers, etc. You get all this when you purchase a 65-inch TV.

3. An abundance of Connection Ports

A good advantage of getting a 65-inch TV is that it comes along with enough ports you will be needing. HDMI and USB ports are provided so you can connect many other devices to them such as your game console, computers, decoders, and many more and the beauty of this is that they can be connected all at once.

Final Thoughts

Having considered the various things you should know about fitting a 65-inch TV in your Honda Civic, you now have the necessary information you need to go about it. Always put it at the back of your mind that the TV screen is very delicate and it should be treated as such.