How to Reset Tire Pressure on Honda Civic 2021

If the tire pressure warning light comes on in your Honda Civic 2021, you can easily resets it and make it go away. However, the warning light can only go away if the reason for it to come out in the first place is solved, without which the light will come back on after the reset.

Can You Reset Tire Pressure on Honda Civic 2021?

Yes, you can reset the TPMS on your Honda Civic 2021 yourself. You can do this by clicking several buttons on your steering wheel to change the condition of the tire pressure.

You don’t need to take your car to an auto shop to do this except the light refuses to go off even after the reset. It is something you can do yourself.

As a driver of Honda Civic 2021, this is part of the things that are essential for you to learn, so once you get the problem, you can simply park your car somewhere safe and fix it to continue your journey.

How to Reset Tire Pressure on Honda Civic 2021

Once you find out that the tire pressure light on the dashboard of your Honda Civic is on while you are driving, there are several steps to take to reset it;

Stop Driving

To be safe, once you see the pressure light indicating,

  • The very first thing you should do is to stop driving
  • Slow down and park the car at the nearest parking space you can find

To do this, you need to be as calm as possible. It doesn’t help to panic. Parking your car once you get a pressure light indication will keep you safe and keep other drivers safe.

Navigate Settings

After putting your car in park, you locate the information button on the steering wheel of your car. It is a small button with an “i” icon written on it. It is also called the “Windows Button.”

Once you click it, you will notice the screen on your dashboard, indicating the pressure light will shuffle to show different icons. Continue clicking on the button until it arrives at the settings, indicated by a bolt icon on the screen.

Once the bolt button is revealed on the screen, click the enter button, located right in the middle of the other buttons to step into settings.

Once you step into the settings, you click on the enter button again to reveal the options available in the settings.

Inside the settings, the TPMS calibration will be revealed on the screen. The TPMS calibration is an acronym for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and it is responsible for warning you, using the pressure light indicator, whenever the air pressure in your tire is lower than required.

Scroll to the TPMS calibration option, and click enter once more. This will reveal a “Calibrate” option, asking you to calibrate the tire pressure. Once you click enter, your dashboard will inform you that the calibration has started.

After calibration, automatically, your pressure light turns off, telling you that everything is back to normal, you have been able to reset the tire pressure of your Honda Civic 2021.

Why is the Tire Pressure Light Showing on my Honda Civic 2021?

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in your Honda Civic 2021 was installed into the car to help spot whenever there is a flat tire or tires, or whenever the air in your tires are not up to the required amount to guarantee a safe journey, which could be as a result of a tiny nail puncture on your tire that is causing continual air leakage, reducing the air pressure in your tires.

This system will alert you whenever low tire pressure is detected, using a green light on your dashboard, and it is your responsibility to stop the car as soon as you can to inspect which tire has the issue.

If after inspecting, you notice that none of your tires have deflated, and it was a false alarm, or you have just pumped your tires, but the tire pressure light is still showing on your dashboard, then you should reset the TPMS using the steps explained previously.

What to Do When the Pressure Light Shows on My Honda Civic 2021

The first thing you need to do if you are on the road and notice the light is to stop driving. It is very unsafe to drive with your tire pressure monitor indicating while you drive. It means you are driving on bad tires or tires that have air pressure lesser than the required amount.

Quickly find the nearest place to park your car and reset the TPMS using the button on the steering wheel. Clicking on the information button will take you to the ‘settings’ icon, and then when you click on the settings icon, locate the TMPS calibration and calibrate.

It is very important to note that there is no need to panic, as panicking doesn’t help.

Some Cool Features of Honda Civic 2021

Here are the top five amazing features of the Honda Civic 2021 model:

1. CONNECT 7” Touchscreen

The Honda Civic 2021 has a 7” touchscreen feature that controls almost all the interactions that you need to make with the car.

It has also provided buttons that help you interact with all the most important features like the volume adjuster, operation of the touchscreen when you can’t gain quick access to the touchscreen, etc.

This button is located on the steering wheel of the car. It helps for better user interaction and experience.

2. Multiple Driving Modes

With the Honda Civic 2021 model, you can have different driving modes to suit your specification. Although the car race (R+) mode has warmed into the hearts of a lot of drivers, nobody likes having a car race mode while there’s huge traffic congestion ahead of them.

Hence, the Honda Civic 2021 has provided three driving modes: The Comfort mode, the Sport mode, and the car race (R+) mode. With this feature, you can always shift the mode of driving to whichever suits your current driving situation.

3. Teardrop Gear Shifter

Guess what?! The Gear Shifter is now shaped like a teardrop! Imagine a shape that suits perfectly your hands as you change the gear while driving.

Research done by the Honda experts revealed that the shape that best suits and is accurate for the hands of any driver is the teardrop shape, which is why the Honda Civic 2021 gear has taken the shape of a teardrop.

4. Individual Numbering

Since Honda has announced that the Honda Civic 2021 Type R will only be produced for a limited amount of time, that is, it is a limited edition product, each one of them have been numbered individually, and you can see the number on the small plaque which the gear shifter is seated on.

It helps for individuality and further hammers on the ostentatiousness of the car.

5. Car Race Focused Driving Position

As with all performance-focused car designs, the position of the car has been changed to give a peak performance to the user. The driving position is racing-focused, to help the driver be more relaxed, and give a sharper focus on the road ahead.

Final Thoughts

Resetting the tire pressure of the Honda Civic 2021 is not something that should cause panic, or that you have to call the car mechanic about. All it takes is simply punching several buttons on the steering wheel, and you can get your car back on the road again.

Once you see the TPMS light indicating, you should know that there’s something awry wrong with the tires of your car, and you should park to check them as soon as possible. Don’t continue a journey while your car’s tire pressure light is indicating.