Temporary Fix For Grinding Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important parts of the car that shouldn’t be joked about because it slows and stops the vehicle through the means of friction. If the brakes goes bad, you may find it difficult slowing and stopping the car.

The brake system of a car is not meant to last forever, it can go bad for various reasons and start making grinding noise. When this noise starts, how do you temporarily fix it?

There is no temporary fix for grinding brakes, when your brakes starts to make a grinding noise, it shows that your brake pads has gone down and needs to be replaced, therefore replacing the brake pads will stop the grinding noise from the brakes.

Temporary Fix for Grinding Brakes

As reiterated earlier, there’s no temporary fix for grinding brakes. When your brakes start making a loud grinding noise, it is a sign that your brake pads have worn down and need to be replaced. So the best solution would be to have the brake pads replaced immediately.

However, some have argued that you can temporarily fix grinding brakes by replacing the brake pads with inferior pads. The argument is based on the fact that you may be on the road when the noise starts and need to temporarily fix it to get home, but I don’t agree.

The reason is that, since worn brake pads are the cause of the grinding brake noise, replacing the pads will fix the problem, therefore, even if you use inferior pads or more quality brakes, the fact remains that the problem is fixed and in another thousands of miles, you will be changing the pads again.

The only difference with the inferior brake pads is that you will be replacing them earlier than the one made with good quality.

However, while replacing the brake pads with inferior pads is possible, it’s not a wise thing to do. Instead of replacing your brake pads with inferior pads in the name of temporarily fixing it, why not buy more quality pads that can last for a long time?

Replacing your brake pads temporarily with inferior pads makes you spend more because sooner or later, you will be purchasing another pad for the same car. So, why not so it once and for all.

What are the Causes of Grinding Brakes?

The causes of grinding brakes are:

1. Worn Brake Pads

Worn brake pads are a common cause of grinding brakes and the reason why it grinds is because the pads have gone down.

Since the brake pads are made of metal, when this metal is worn down, it will start rubbing itself against the brake rotors, hence the grinding noise.

Therefore, it is important to replace the brake pads immediately after this noise starts to avoid spoiling your rotors.

2. Low or Dirty Brake Fluid

Your brakes work well with clean and fresh brake fluids, when the fluid is dirty or there’s no fluid at all, the brakes will not be lubricated enough to function. This can put too much stress on the brakes and cause it to grind.

3. Worn Brake Rotor

As you already know, the brake pad and the rotors are what generate the friction that helps slow down and eventually stops a vehicle.

However, when the rotor goes bad or is worn down because of worn brake pads that were not replaced on time, it can cause the grinding noise you hear when you apply the brake.

Replacing the brake pads alone won’t solve the problem. In this case, you should replace both brake pads and rotors else the grinding noise may continue.

4. Rust

Rust caused by driving through flooded area can cause the brake to grind as you apply it. If you recently drove in flooded areas before you started noticing the noise, then it could be that there is rust within and around your brakes and the best solution here would be to clean the brake system with a brake cleaner.

5. Damaged Wheel Bearing

If your vehicle’s wheel bearing has gone bad it can cause the brakes to make the grinding noise. Some have argued that wheel bearing is not part of the brake system, but since it’s attached to the leg of your car when it goes bad, it can cause noise.

Therefore, if during inspection, you noticed that your brake pads and rotors are in good condition, please check the wheel bearing.

6. Trapped Objects in the Brake

The brakes are made of pads, rotors, brake calipers, etc. If a foreign object gets into your brake and gets trapped in there, it can cause it to grind anytime the brakes are applied.

For example, if a tiny little stone finds its way into your brake caliper and pads, it can cause the brakes to grind whenever you down the brake pedal.

7. Not Driving for Long

Car manufacturers have advised car owner not to form the habit of not driving their cars for a long time, at least, take it for a spin sometime so that the can breathe.

Parking the car for a long time without driving can cause the brake to grind when it’s applied, especially when the car is parked in a flooded area for a long time.

Even if you want to leave your car for long without driving it, ensure to properly park it so it doesn’t develop any fault when you come back to it. Driving the car for a while might fix the grinding noise.

How Can I Stop Brake From Grinding?

You can stop the brakes from grinding by taking the car for an inspection where the cause of the grinding will be discovered and hopefully fixed.

Replacing the brake pads and rotor can stop the noise. However, if the noise is caused by other reasons such as rust, the rusted area should either be cleaned or replaced.

Can I Drive with Grinding Brakes?

You can drive with grinding brakes but it is dangerous to do so. You risk damaging your rotors and you may not be able to slow and stop your car when you should.

It is never advisable to continue driving a car with grinding brakes especially if the grinding noise is caused by worn brake pads. Trust me, you don’t want a story that touches.

Can Lack of Brake Fluid Cause Grinding?

Yes, lack of brake fluid can cause the brakes to grind anytime you apply the brakes and the reason is because the brakes needs to be lubricated to function properly. Moreover, it’s never safe to drive without brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir.

Why is my Car Grinding when I Brake but the Pads are Fine?

If your car grinds when you brake and your brake pads are fine, it means that something is wrong somewhere. It could be that your rotor has gone bad. It can be a worn wheel bearing, rust in and around your brakes, and trapped object in the brakes.

Nonetheless, if it’s been too long (months) since you last drove your car before you started experiencing the grinding noise, it could be the cause of the grinding brakes. Take the car to a mechanic and have him diagnose the car.

What Happens if you Ignore Grinding Brakes?

If you ignore grinding brakes, it can cause more problems to the brake system especially if worn brake pads are the cause of the grinding noise. You should never ignore grinding brakes.


Having brakes that make a grinding noise is a big deal. It’s a big deal because the brakes pads has worn down which can be dangerous if not replaced immediately. Therefore, you should replace your brake pads immediately after you start hearing the grinding noise from your brakes.