How to Start Kia Sorento Without Key Fob

A key fob is an electronic device designed to function with a car, it is a wireless technology that functions around starting the engine, regulating interior temperature, unlocking and locking your car; activating heated seats, and a few more.

It makes so much sense when it’s a merge between a KIA SORENTO and a key FOB. The KIA SORENTO is a mid-sized SUV with comfortable interiors. Aside from the interiors with jaw-dropping beauty, the engine can start without a key. The question now is, how to start Kia Sorento without a key fob.

To start a Kia Sorento without a key fob, ensure the car is in “Park”, put your foot on the brake pedal and press the engine’s Start/Stop button. Once the engine starts, you can stop pressing the button and remove your leg from the brake pedal.

Can You Start Kia Sorento Without Key Fob?

Yes, you can start a KIA SORENTO without a Key fob. Maybe you misplaced your key fob, or it suddenly stopped working because of a damaged or dead battery or a remote malfunctioning, there is always a way around it.

The manufacturers of the KIA SORENTO made it easy for car owners to use their car when the Key fob isn’t functioning. Read on to find out how you can start your KIA SORENTO without a key fob.

How to Start Kia Sorento Without Key Fob

Starting a KIA SORENTO without a key fob doesn’t require any technical know-how, nor does it require a play around the corners, it is simple but needs to be done the right way. Here’s how to get it done.

Use The Kia Connect App

The manufacturers made it easy to control your car right from your mobile phone. Sounds great right?

You can do everything relating to starting the engine, regulating interior temperature, unlocking and locking your car; recovering from theft, and to also to check your vehicle status.

Everything you need is built-in as a part of the feature; it is available for your easy use. To make it easy, ensure you activate the app when you still have your key fob with you to avoid unnecessary headaches.

How Do You Get Started With The KIA CONNECT APP?

 It is simple; download the KIA CONNECT APP and register. The registration isn’t hard; neither is it technical, download the app and put in your details that are all you need.

With the Kia Connect Technology, you are able to control your car the way you want.

To kick start your Kia Sorento engine, it lays a seamless process down for everyone. You wouldn’t need a technician to get it done. The simple process includes:

Do A Push Start

To push start a car simply means to start a car with a dead or undercharged battery. Have you ever witnessed scenes when a car is being pushed to attain a certain speed until it can provide enough power to start the vehicle?

If you have, great! That is a way to push start a vehicle and vehicles can only do it with internal combustion and a manual transmission.

Yet, a KIA Sorento isn’t designed to be a simple process, what you need to do is to keep the car in Park (P) or Neutral

Keep Your Leg On The Brake Pedal

Constantly press the start/stop button until the engine starts. As you can see, it is not like the former days when you need to have your car pushed before a dead or nearly dead battery can come alive.

Having a Kia Sorento gives you the liberty of a stress-free push start when your Key fob is missing or malfunctioning.

When Should You Start Kia Sorento Without Key Fob?

Starting your Kia Sorento without a key fob is an emergency approach, it should only happen in cases when you misplaced your key fob or the key fob isn’t functioning anymore because of a dead key fob battery.

Literarily, humans are species that misplace things. You can hold your key fob now and in the next minute, you left it somewhere you can recollect, and it is fine but a KIA Sorento should only start without a key fob when the key fob is missing, has a dead battery, or whenever it is malfunctioning.

Pros Of starting a Kia Sorento without a Key Fob

Advantages of starting a Kia Sorento without a key fob:

1. It Saves You Time

Possibly your key fob fell off your back pocket when taking a walk or you can’t map out where you left it since the sun ringed you a waking bell and you’re possibly still not in the best of feelings or it could be a dying or dead battery that cannot ignite your vehicle.

If this happens and you need to grab some things in a grocery store or have to be in a place urgently, a malfunctioning key will surely tear you apart!

Nobody wants to be teeth-tight with a frustrating moment. But, whatever the reason why you started your car without a key fob, it saves time.

You can do it in minutes and be off to get a new key fob or reach out to places you want to get to without having to wait for a technician to show up. This alone is a popping feeling in our minds.

2. It Does Save The Day

As said earlier; it saves time but nature has its way of linking emergency moments to times when our key fob is malfunctioning or the battery is dead.

Having to start your car without this palm-sized gadget is a euphoric feeling. It most likely sets peace in your heart and allows you to handle the urgent matters that are lined up before you.

Cons Of starting a Kia Sorento without a Key Fob

Disadvantages of starting a Kia Sorento with a key fob:

1. You Could Damage Your Start/Stop Push Button

Without your key fob, you can’t possibly open your car but thanks to the KIA access app that allows you to unlock your car directly from your phone.

With this, if your key fob is dead, you could change the battery and start your vehicle with it but if it’s missing, you’ll need to do a push start.

A push start will require pressing the start/stop button with your legs on the break until the car comes on. This process is repeated consistently and might have some side effects on the start/stop button.

Though you are not expected to get your key fob lost at all times or the battery dead at all times there is a possibility the button gets weakened with time.

2. It Sometimes Put Car Owners Into A Careless Zone

The fact that there’s an alternative if things go sideways most times allows people to get somehow careless. Being careless with your key fob will result in starting your KIA Sorento by push-starting it which might have some negative effects on your car with time.

Being careless about it will also cost you some money. Though getting a key fob isn’t a lot of money but the little spent, it can be avoided.

Final Thought

A KIA Sorento is a good car that provides you with a way around any problems you might encounter while using it. Though it comes with a beauty and a mid-sized technological gadget called the “key fob” with time the battery might run dead or you possibly misplaced it, but there is always a way around it.

You’re not stranded when your key fob is missing, with the help of the KIA access app and being able to do a push start, you can start up your car.