Can You Drive While on Probation

Probation is a period when you are restricted by a higher authority for a period, to ensure proper supervision is done on you or a way of actively telling you how wrong you are and that you need to change.

However, we sometimes mistook the essence of probation and violate the law thereby risking the probation. But the question is, can you drive while on probation?

You can drive while on probation if driving is not part of the terms of your probation. However, if your probation contract explicitly prohibits you from driving, driving while on probation will be a violation of probation.

Can You Drive While On Probation?

No, you cannot while on probation if the contract of the probation prohibits you from driving. However, if the contract allows you to drive with a valid driving license, you can drive but if you are caught driving with a suspended license, it will be a violation of probation.

Driving on probation when you should not is another offense that can call you before the judge once more. You can’t drive for the period allocated to you. If it is 6 months, 3 months, or anytime you are given, you can’t drive a car.

Why Can’t You Drive While On Probation?

Probation is a time to correct your wrongdoings. Driving while on probation violates the rule even if it was done unintentionally; it is still counted as a violation of the state’s rule.

Violating probation is likely to give you an extra strike from the government, an increment in your probation date, or anything the judge feels is right for you under the law.

What You Should Know About Driving On Probation

Probation can be as a plea or a form of direct order depending on what was decided by the court and the nature of your offense.

Extra care is applied by anyone who is under probation. It is a careful move to ensure you don’t violate the law.

Causing an accident can be the most alarming part of it, be it you are at fault or not, you get a further strike for violating the rule binding your probation.

Your probation can be on breaking simple traffic laws and it can also be because of an addiction to alcohol or intake of hard drugs.

Maybe you are driving under probation and unfortunately got stopped for a PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screen) check.

If, after the screening sprinkles of alcohol are found beyond the normal level, you get another punishment for breaking the law of probation and for committing the same crime for which you are placed on probation. Your driving license can be suspended for a longer time. The same goes when you drive with a suspended license.

What Are The Advantages Of Probation?

Even with the bad timing and nature of probation to whom is being disciplined; it also has its good side. They include:

1. Completing Your Rehabilitation Program Without Hardship

There are many reasons probation can be given out to drivers and one reason is a found or noticed addiction to alcohol or hard drugs.

In light of these, drivers may not drive for 6 months until their program is completed, and completing the program doesn’t bring in hardship, it is easy and swift because you are monitored and not allowed to do any other thing until your program is completed.

2. You Still Get to Live a Paycheck Life

You can’t be restricted from working in the community to make enough money to fend for yourself and your family.

Probation gives you a chance to make money, do a decent job, and enjoy the free time of good food, family, and friends.

Even with this, you may attend your required sessions without having to be neglected from making money for yourself legitimately.

3. You Avoid Jail

Basically, probation is given to people who are prevented from going to jail. You can call it a considerable factor to the offender or a means of giving the offender a second chance to get things straight.

Breaking a law doesn’t know anyone of rank, if probation is given and you avoid getting yourself locked up in jail, it is a good way to start a better page of life, correct previous mistakes, and do the required.

4. You are Protected by the Government

Discrimination is a normal scenario in the present day. The government protects you from discrimination or any maltreatment that may come from the public, friends, or anyone who might know the reason for your probation.

Will I Violate My Probation If I’m Caught Driving with a Suspended License?

Yes, if still under probation, you will violate your probation if caught driving with a suspended license.

Probation comes with its conditions. Not all probation is guided by the same rules. Having to drive with a suspended license is a crime on its own.

A suspended license is proof of you violating traffic or driving laws. If found driving again even with a suspended license, it means you are violating more laws and are liable to lose your license.

Being caught in the act can refer you back to your previous punishment before you were given a pardon or probation.

Can You Get Your License While On Probation?

Probation doesn’t strip you of your right to own your driving license. Securing a license has its processes and fees. If you have it all settled, you can get your license. No probation will stop you from having that.

What Can You Not Do While On Probation?

The things you can’t do while on probation are:

You Cannot Skip a Probation Meeting

As life is important to you, so is your probation meeting important to the law. Reporting is a normal routine that you cannot avoid or run away from.

Just like a student missing a test and paying the consequences, such as anyone who misses a probation test. There is a consequence for your action.

Avoid Your Influences

According to your bad habit or nature, you are mandated to avoid individuals who appear criminal in terms of the offense you committed. Provided they are far away from you, you are protected and allowed to roam with other individuals.

Avoid Paying Your Dues

Nothing pisses the state more often than when you have your due delay for no tangible reasons. For as long as you stay under probation, you are mandated to pay these dues because the courts are funded by it.

Never Get Arrested

Every other crime may not sound important, but getting yourself arrested is like hitting a big rock on a wound. It will worsen the case. Avoiding anything that can lead you straight to the cops should be your enemy.

Avoid Drinking Under an Influence

You should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. With the heavy side effects of tramadol, imagine driving while taking tramadol while on probation? What do you think will happen if law enforcement agencies find out?


Sometimes we mistook the word probation and violate the law even when our license to drive has been suspended. A few people feel probation only restricts them to certain situations.

Drive probation is a total restriction away from the wheel for as long as the court decides. You can’t drive a mile to the mall, you can’t drive even half a mile. You need to obey the law.