Can You Drive to Staten Island

Staten Island is more of a historical place where you get acquainted with history and monuments of the former days that are still of value in this time.

In the entire New York, Staten Island has more colonial buildings than anywhere else in the state. It is a place where history lives with visible historical structures where you learn about the fortunes of the former days that still live to date.

So, the question is, how do you get to Staten Island? Can you drive to Staten Island?

Yes, you can drive to Staten Island with your car by passing through the Verrazano-narrow Bridge or the Bayonne Bridge.

However, it is quicker to drive to Staten Island from the northern than driving from New York, but the fact is that you can drive your way to Staten Island with your car.

Where Is Staten Island Located?

Staten Island is a location in the southernmost part of New York, which is only 30min from Manhattan. It is a location separated from the other part of New York by the New York Bay, having its center between New Jersey and Brooklyn.

It has a large landmass of about 60 square miles with a less believing population of 500,000. Travelers are transported through two routes, either the use of the Staten Island Ferry or a long ride through the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn.

This borough is well known for its museums, Botanical Garden, zoo, and Cultural center, popularly tagged in the heart of every traveler to be a place for history and perfect sight.

Can You Drive To Staten Island?

Yes, driving to Staten Island is as good as true, not a fairy tale. The only way to drive to Staten Island is to cross a bridge. It can either be the Verrazano-narrow Bridge or the Bayonne Bridge.

You reach the end of the bridge through a professional car which is likely to cost you about $15 or through a Staten Island Railway for $2.50 directly from Manhattan, you can also choose to get yourself in your car and drive your way to the end of the bridge.

The Verrazano Bridge extends from Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to Fort Bridge, which was commissioned in 1964.

How Can You Get To The Staten Island Without A Car?

You wouldn’t jump, right? A ferry is the best bet if you get carsick. Staten Island has a ferry service, which is completely free; you wouldn’t have to pay even a cent to have yourself transported to the Island.

Speaking from compiled data from the NYS Department of Transportation, the Staten ferry has successfully transported 22 million passengers in a year. Sounds great, right? It also doesn’t have you to pay a fee for the movement. Nothing sounds greater than this.

To get to Staten Island by ferry, the location is defined from the Whitehall Terminal in the Lower Manhattan, which is on the south street, to George’s ferry Terminal at 1 Bay Street. This trip is only 25min to Staten Island.

Because you comply with the U. S Coast Guard Security Regulations, you are entitled to this free service.

Is There A Car Ferry To Staten Island?

Sometime back, yes, but currently, a vehicle hasn’t been allowed to board the Staten Island ferry since Sept 11th terrorist attack.

Safety is the issue, according to the Staten Island Ferry Chief Operations Officer (Captain. James) Desimone explained the factors to consider before a car can be allowed to board the Staten Ferry, which includes a “Major security checkpoint”.

This is likely to take ages before the check will be done because of the regulations laid down by The Department of Transportation.

Can You Get To Staten Island Without Taking A Ferry?

Yes, you can get to Staten Island without taking a ferry. If you don’t want to take a ferry to Staten Island, you can go in your car.

Getting to Staten Island isn’t a tough task; neither would you get frustrated while trying to figure it out. If you get seasick or you wouldn’t want to take the benevolence of the Staten ferry service, you can as well use a car.

Moving by car doesn’t come cheap, neither will it cause you to panic at the price tag, but getting it right is what matters. The same rules apply if you want to drive to the Florida Keys.

The MTA S79 Select Bus service from Brooklyn to Staten Island:

To reach out to the S79 select bus service, you would have to make a stop at 86th Street and 4th Avenue Bay Ridge; there you select Bus service or SBS in the New York City’s version.

Before getting to the Verrazano bridge, the S79 makes a stop at Brooklyn at 92 Street, Hamilton Pkwy) before heading to the bridge.

Even at the Staten Island, the S79 also makes a stop at the Hylan Boulevard, which is eastern of the Island before heading into the Staten mall, a throw from Richmond Avenue.

Can You Drive To Staten Island Without Paying A Toll?

A toll fee is needed from every bridge standpoint. Just as how impossible it is to fly over the bridge with your car, same way it is impossible to avoid the toll fee.

It shouldn’t scare you because you wouldn’t be spending much and you only pay the toll for the bridge you use. You wouldn’t be charged for the other bridges.

Can Cars Go On Staten Island Ferry?

Vehicles may not use the Staten Island Ferry since Sep. 11th. It was once a place where vehicles can also have a special moment of peace on the Staten Island ferry, but not anymore.

A permanent ban was placed in New York City. You can always pay to park your car nearby the garage, to do this and be successful, you would have to plan parking ahead of time to avoid rushing hours due to how busy the City of New York is.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Staten Island?

Depending on how you intend to move, if you travel by car, you would have a total cost of about $15 to move with a stationed service like the S79 or through a Staten Island Railway for $2.50 directly from Manhattan. If you would prefer a ferry, you wouldn’t have to spend anything because the ferry is a free service.


A trip to Staten Island wouldn’t stress you, nor will it cost you much if you choose to be economical enough to take up a free service. It is a nice historical place with enough to see.