Can You Add Apps to Subaru Starlink

Subaru star link is an in-vehicle technology present in all Subaru vehicles which combines radio with the ability to connect your phone through Bluetooth to the radio thereby allowing you to make calls, send messages, and listen to songs wirelessly.

Operations on Subaru are performed by touching the screen. Also, with the voice recognition feature, you can control features like; phone calls, navigation, climate controls, and many more. With all these features, can you add apps to Subaru Starlink?

Yes, you can add apps on the Subaru Starlink system. However, you can only add apps that are compatible with the Subaru tech system.

What is the Subaru Starlink?

The Subaru star link is an in-vehicle technology made for all Subaru vehicles that enhances your Subaru experience with a combination of entertainment, safety, and security features.

Subaru Starlink has two major parts which are STAR LINK multimedia (entertainment) and STAR LINK safety and security.

Starlink Multimedia

Subaru Starlink multimedia is part of Subaru that gives you access to music, podcasts, news, navigation, etc. It also allows the wireless pairing of your phone hands-free.

All these are accessible through a touchscreen infotainment system. Various apps can be added to Subaru pertaining to multimedia.

Starlink Safety and Security

Star link safety and security give you protection in the sense that you are able to track your vehicle from anywhere especially when you are outside the vehicle.

It offers services such as; Roadside assistance, Remote services, etc.

Subaru Starlink safety and security offers two packages from which you can choose, either of the packages is free for the first year of purchase after which you subscribe on a yearly basis.

Some of the apps that can be used on a Subaru are; Bluetooth, eBird, TomTom, Yelp, etc. These apps allow you to better enjoy the many features and services Subaru offers.

Can You Add Apps to Subaru Starlink?

Yes, apps can be added to the Subaru Starlink, however, the apps to be added must be supported by the Subaru tech system. Only a few apps are acceptable on Subaru Starlink and they are already available on Starlink.

All you need to do is have them configured. If after configuration some of the apps are not coming on then it means they are not acceptable.

There will be updates on some of these apps from time to time and at other times it will be the introduction of a new app on Subaru Starlink, at times like this, the system updates automatically.

How to Add Apps to Subaru Star link

Here are step by step guide on how to add apps to Subaru Starlink:

Step One: Download the Starlink App

Although Subaru Starlink comes with almost all its brands, in order to enjoy all its features and services the first thing that should be done is download the Subaru Star Link app if you don’t have one already.

It is available for both Android and iOS on Google Play Store. Be sure to allow the installation of third-party apps on your Android.

Go to Menu>Settings>Security> and check unknown sources in order to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

Once, this is done you can locate your star link app and start the installation process. Tap ‘Yes’ whenever there’s an option, but don’t do this blindly, read all prompts to ensure it’s what you want, and you are done.

Step Two: Connect your Device

It is one thing to have the app on your phone and then another to have it connected to your phone. After the app has been downloaded and installed, up next is the connection to your device either Android or iOS.

How to Pair an Android Device

  • You start by touching the ‘settings’ icon on the ‘Home’ Screen and then the ‘Phone’ icon to proceed to the phone screen.
  • Select either ‘Add device/Add phone
  • The device name most likely will be Subaru BT, take note of the name so you can easily find it on your phone
  • On your phone ‘Android’, go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘Connections’ or ‘Connected Device’.
  • Then select ‘Bluetooth’. The screen will then show ‘Pair New Device’ or the nearby device added. Select ‘Subaru BT’ or ‘Pair New Device’.
  • Select ‘Pair’, then ‘YES’ to the ‘Message Access Request’ pop-up box to allow access to phone contacts and history.
  • On the Touchscreen select ‘Confirm’. Then select ‘Download’ to download the phone contacts.

How to pair an iOS /Apple Device

  • Touch the ‘Settings’ on the Home screen.
  • Go to the ‘Phone’ screen and select ‘Add Device or Add Phone’.
  • Note the device name on the next screen, most likely Subaru BT
  • On the Apple device, touch ‘settings’
  • Select ‘Bluetooth’
  • Then select the device name that came on the touchscreen
  • Verify that the Apple device PIN is correct and select ‘Pair’. Then ‘Allow’.
  • Verify the PIN on the touchscreen, then ‘Confirm’, and ‘Download’.

Step Three: Click Subaru Starlink on the Infotainment System

This is where you have to click on the Subaru Starlink on the infotainment system and click on the scroll button, then the eBird app will show.

Pros of Adding Apps to Subaru Starlink

There are advantages of adding apps to your Subaru Star link, some of which are;

  • You get to Enjoy More Features of the Main Parts of Subaru: Adding more apps to your Subaru star link gives you more options and you get to enjoy more features of the Subaru multimedia and Subaru safety and security.
  • Getting your Money’s Worth: The free usage of Subaru expires after one year of purchase, from where you have to subscribe on a yearly basis. The possibility of adding apps to Subaru Starlink allows you to get more value for your money in the long run.

Apps That Work on Subaru Starlink

Some of the apps that are compatible with Subaru star link are;

  • Yelp
  • eBird
  • Pandora
  • Apple CarPlay
  • SiriusXM® Travel Link
  • Android ™ Auto

The good thing is that other than this app, you can add more apps according to your preference as far as they are compatible with the Subaru tech system.

Final Words

It is important to know that in order to access all of Subaru’s features, downloading the app is necessarily coupled with a yearly subscription. The amount you will pay to subscribe depends on the Subaru package you decide to go for.