Is There a 30 Day Warranty on Used Cars

Just as new cars have warranties, used cars also have. It could be a transferable warranty in the case of a used car or a newly obtained one.

Used cars are gotten through various legal means, where and how you get the car will determine if you get a warranty or not. Therefore, is there a 30 day warranty on used cars?

There is a 30 day warranty on used cars depending on where and how you purchase the car. While car dealership under the Consumer Rights Act gives a 30-day return policy, some car auction houses may or may not give a warranty. Also, You are not getting a warranty if you buy a used car from a private owner.

What is a Warranty?

A warranty is a promise, guarantee, or terms made by manufacturers under which an exchange or repair of a product will be considered provided the buyer fulfills their duties.

For the manufacturer to fulfill their part of the promise, the buyer must also play their parts. Different product has different terms and condition such as a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

A warranty is usually a way for sellers to prove that buyers will get value for what they are buying, and in the event that something happens to the product bought they have the seller’s promise to fix the problem or replace it provided it hasn’t been altered or tampered with from the time of purchase and within a stipulated time.

 Is There a 30 Day Warranty on Used Cars?

There is a 30-Day warranty on used cars however this largely depends on how the car was purchased. Used cars can be purchased through various legal means.

Some offer a warranty while others do not. A used car can be bought from a private individual, at an auction, or from a dealer.

Buying from a private individual means you won’t be getting any warranty, in which case you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by checking out some important details about the car such as the documents, and some other parts of the car that you deem fit.

Buying a used car from a dealer or at an auction gives the buyer the right to a warranty. If you’re buying from an auto dealer, under the Consumer Rights Act you can return the car and get a refund within 30 days if something goes wrong or you are no longer satisfied with its performance.

For an auction, getting a warranty depends on the rules of the auction house, some auction houses give it while others do not. Auction houses that give a warranty allow buyers to return the car within a stipulated time of 30 days.

Things you should Know About Used Car Warranty

Purchasing a used car doesn’t mean you have to buy blindly, there are things you should know about the warranty so you can make the most of it.

The Warranty Expiration Date

You will need to check the car’s warranty expiration date, this is important so you know if the car will still have enough coverage after you buy it.

When checking the expiration date, a good place to start will be checking the date on which the car was placed in service.

Depending on the date it was first placed in service, some cars do not usually have much warranty period after it has been bought.

The Transferability of the Warranty

It is important to check if the warranty can be transferred to you as a new owner. Some warranties can be transferred to new owners while others end with the first owner. For some warranties to be transferable, the car should have hit 60,000 miles on the road.

Knowing All About the Extended Warranties

If you plan on getting an extended warranty for your used car then you should get information on what it covers, who backs it, how much it costs, where you can buy it etc.

What an extended warranty cover is dependent on the product you buy. For some purchases, the warranty covers every part of the car and periodic maintenance while some only cover some integral parts of the car.

Hence, the need to do your research, in doing your research you will see terms such as; inclusionary and exclusionary which means these are the items that are included or excluded from the warranty.

You should also know who is backing your warranty, some warranties are backed by the manufacturing companies or independent extended warranty providers. Find out who it is that’s backing your warranty.

Knowing how much the warranty cost is as important as every other, the cost of the warranty varies. What the contract covers, the miles the car has on the odometer, how long it will last, who backs the coverage, etc., all contribute to how much you will be paying for the extended warranty.

Extended warranties can be bought at various places such as; manufacturers, insurance, online retailers, etc. Where you are buying from also determines how cheap or expensive it will be.

When Can I Return a Used Car?

When you can return a used car is dependent on where you bought it. To be able to consider returning a used car after purchase means your dealership allows it, however, when to return depends on the dealership’s return policy. Some dealers give a warranty between 30 – 90 days.

Return policy varies according to dealerships so you will have to check in with your dealership for when it can be returned.

How Do I Know if My Car is Still Under Warranty?

It is quite easy to check if your car is still under warranty, doing the following will help you get an answer. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Get your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), this number is usually in a couple of places in the car
  • Confirm the vehicle’s mileage, you can find this on the dashboard
  • Check in with an auto dealer that deals in your kind of car. They will be able to if you are still under warranty with the VIN and mileage you present to them
  • You can as well check on the car’s original paperwork if you still have it

What Date Does a Car Warranty Start?

The start date for a warranty varies on whether it was purchased new or pre-owned. For a new buyer, the warranty starts the day the car is driven from the dealership irrespective of whether it has been at the dealership long before that.

If you are buying as a second owner and the warranty is transferable, the start date is the same as when the original owner bought it which means the warranty continues from where it stopped with the previous owner.

Pros of Warranty on Cars

Having a warranty on a car is so beneficial to the owner and here are some of the advantages:

  • Fewer Things to Worry About: To buy a car, especially a used one is a big risk but with the warranty in place whether extended or not you have peace of mind. You have peace of mind and less thing to worry about knowing if something were to happen to the car you are covered.
  • Increased Value Getting a warranty: Especially an extended warranty increases the value of the car when you are reselling. The extended warranty lasts for much longer than the dealer’s warranty and is much better. For someone looking to buy a used car, more value will be placed on a car with a warranty provided the warranty is transferable.
  •  No Impromptu Spending: Cars can develop faults when we least expect but having a warranty ensures that the cost of repairs is covered at no cost to you.


The onus is on the buyer to make some findings regarding a car’s warranty before proceeding with its purchase, especially for sellers that don’t give a warranty.