Does Flowmaster Increase Gas Mileage

Having a very powerful exhaust is always an advantage on the road over having a broken exhaust pipe, especially when you are driving a sporty car.

Drivers of sport cars seek exhaust pipes that can give them an edge over other drivers on the road, and it has been proven that the Flowmaster exhaust achieves just that for your sports car.

However, the question is, Does Flowmaster increase gas mileage?

Yes, installing a Flowmaster muffler in your car will certainly increase the gas mileage because Flowmaster exhaust systems are made to provide an easy passage of gas to and from your vehicle by pushing used or exhaust gas/fuel out of your car immediately they are used, freeing up the pathway for the flow of new oil, enabling the engine of your car to run as smoothly as possible.

What is a Flowmaster Exhaust Pipe?

Flowmaster Exhaust System is a high-performance aftermarket exhaust system used for cars – sprint or sports cars especially. It is manufactured by the famous Flowmaster, Inc., a company established in 1983 by a man named Ray Flugger.

The idea behind the creation of this top-of-the-line exhaust pipe was to reduce the noise generated from the California Sprint Car engine to the barest minimum in a way that will not affect or sacrifice the performance that was provided by the normal, traditional, conventional exhaust systems.

However, the company grew to become known for producing high-performance exhaust systems, mufflers, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, exhaust kits, exhaust parts, and accessories for various types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and many other kinds of vehicles.

The Flowmaster Exhaust Pipe is presently the most sought-after exhaust system at this time because of its high performance, and how it improves vehicles round and about.

Does Flowmaster Increase Gas Mileage?

Fixing a Flowmaster muffler to your car will certainly increase the gas mileage of your vehicle. The function of the Flowmaster mufflers is to provide for an easy passage of gas to and from your vehicle.

They push used or exhaust gas/fuel out of your car immediately they are used, freeing up the pathway for the flow of new oil, enabling the engine of your car to run as smoothly as possible.

This helps your car to save enough fuel and produce better gas mileage. The free flow of oil will make sure that very little fuel is wasted while driving.

Although there might not be a world of difference between the usage of gas in a normal exhaust system and the Flowmaster exhaust system, there still is a little difference, increasing the gas mileage of your car by slightly when compared to the traditional exhausts.

Benefits of the Flowmaster Exhaust System?

The Flowmaster engine has many benefits that it gives to vehicles. These benefits are the kinds that would not be given by the traditional exhaust system.

1. Protects your Engine from Overheating

With a normal exhaust system, your car easily starts to overheat when you’ve been driving for long hours on a hot day, or when your car is parked in an open space with the sun directly over it.

Flowmaster exhaust systems can maintain a cool temperature around your engine because their pipes are larger, allowing for a free flow of exhaust out of the car.

2. Improves the Sound of your Car

With Flowmaster, you would hardly hear the type of noise that conventional exhaust systems make. Flowmaster helps to improve the sound of your car.

It gives you the choice to have either a louder or quieter vehicle, giving you control over how your car sounds, according to your preference, and the type of car that you have.

3. Enhances Acceleration

Vehicles with Flowmaster exhausts fitted to it generally accelerate faster and better than the average car on the road. They help you enhance your vehicle’s acceleration and improve the performance of your car engine. With Flowmaster exhaust pipes, even regular cars are faster than sedans.

4. Better Gas Mileage

Flowmaster gives your vehicle better mileage because the efficient working it causes will invariably save gas and improve the use of gas while you are on the road.

It might not be a large difference, but you will certainly spot the difference in gas mileage between a Flowmaster exhaust system and a normal, traditional exhaust system.

5. Boosts Overall Performance

Flowmaster doesn’t just improve acceleration or give you control over how your vehicle should sound, neither does it just cool your engines or give you better gas mileage, it also boosts the overall performance of your vehicle as a whole.

This is why they are called top-of-the-line, high-end exhaust systems. If you want a better-functioning car, efficient engine, and high-performing vehicle, you should install Flowmaster exhaust systems.

Does Flowmaster Give you More Horsepower?

Yes, they do. A vehicle that uses a Flowmaster exhaust system generates better horsepower and not only that, it also efficiently use the horsepower to enhance the result and better functioning of the car.

This is because, the Flowmaster improves the efficiency of the movement of air, without restriction to and from a vehicle’s engine, due to the large pipes it has, and by doing that horsepower increases, giving the vehicle more horsepower than the normal, average exhaust system.

The Flowmaster can give your vehicle up to a ten percent increase in horsepower, increasing your vehicle’s overall performance on the road.


If you seek a better working vehicle that accelerates efficiently, sounds just like you want, a vehicle that has a cooler and better engine and also one that reduces wastage of gas, improving gas mileage, then the Flowmaster exhaust system is the right way to go.

Who doesn’t like a better functioning, high-performing vehicle? The Flowmaster brings various benefits to your car and improves the overall working of all the parts of your vehicle, so you don’t spend a lot of money maintaining and repairing incessantly.