Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood sign has become famous in Los Angeles to the point of becoming a sight for tourists, but the unfortunate thing is, you cannot get close enough to touch the sign. However, there have been many cases of people getting close enough behind it to take pictures and get a good view.

For people that have gotten close enough to get a perfect view and take pictures, how did they get there? Can you drive to the Hollywood sign?

No, you cannot drive to the Hollywood sign.

Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign?

You cannot drive to the Hollywood sign due to its location as there are no roads leading up to the Hollywood sign.

Even if you were to drive from your house with the intention of going to the Hollywood sign, you will have to park at some point and most likely continue your journey on foot.

Driving to the Hollywood sign is also impossible because getting too close to the sign is prohibited.

Can You Drive Behind the Hollywood Sign?

No, you cannot drive behind the Hollywood sign as it is in a restricted area.

If you plan on getting behind the Hollywood sign, you have the option of hiking. When hiking, you can be able to get close enough from behind, but still not close enough to touch it.

How Can I Go to the Hollywood Sign?

Although it is impossible to come close to the Hollywood sign, you can go far enough to be able to get a view, take a picture of it or even have a picture of yourself with the sign in the background. Whatever your reason may be, you will first need to find a way to get there or close enough.

The first thing you should know if you want to go to the Hollywood sign is that you cannot drive there as there are no roads for that purpose, and to get a proper view of the sign, you will need to climb to the top of Mount Lee and admire the view from behind.

An alternative to driving yourself will be to take a taxi or an Uber, but if you insist on driving a car, you can have it parked at Canyon Lake Dr which is as far as your car is allowed to go.

One of the ways to get to Mount Lee is to go through Lake Hollywood Park from where you will walk along two residential streets that climb up the hills.

To get to Mount Lee from Lake Hollywood Park, you will need to walk along Mulholland Dr’s route which is one of the easiest routes to get close to the sign.

Going along this route, you will eventually get to a gate, turning to the left of the gate to continue along a walkway that will eventually take you to a clearing.

Once at the clearing, you can turn unto Mount Lee Dr from where you will get behind the Hollywood sign.

There are other ways to go to the Hollywood sign but this seems like the easiest option.

Where Can You See the Hollywood Sign Without Hiking?

Here are some places you can go to see the Hollywood sign without hiking:

Lake Hollywood Park

If you want a closer and simple view of the Hollywood sign without hiking then this should be one of your options.

The park also has parking spaces if you decide to go with a car although parking sometimes can be hard at peak times.

Hollywood and Highland Center

Not interested in hiking but also want to see the Hollywood sign, then the Hollywood and Highland center is another place to go to.

By walking to the second or third floor of the center, you will be able to have a clear view of the sign although from a distance.

Mulholland Drive

To see the Hollywood sign from Mulholland drive, you will have to take a short walk around the Hollywood reservoir to link the Lake Hollywood park. If you want a good view of the sign from this point, don’t go for the eastern viewpoint.

Griffith Park and Observatory

Not only will you get a perfect view of the sign, but you can also watch the sunset from the observatory. The Griffith Park and observatory are about 1.5 miles from the sign and it is better to go in the morning.

Hollywood Reservoir and Mulholland Dam

From this point, you can get a great view of the southwest side of the Hollywood sign. By walking a small distance from either the Hollywood Reservoir Trailhead or Lake Hollywood Drive, you will get the majestic view of the sign.

Other places to get a view without hiking are; Sunset Ranch Hollywood, Barnsdall Art Park, From the air, and North Beachwood Drive.

Why is the Hollywood Sign not Lit Up at Night?

There are different reasons why the Hollywood sign is not lit up at night but the one that stands out is the fact that it has become highly costly to maintain the light bulbs inside.

For the sign to be lit up, lots of money will be spent on light bulbs, therefore, the Sherman Company, which owned the sign at the time, decided to turn them off.

How Long Does it take to Get Up to the Hollywood Sign?

The time it will take you to get to the Hollywood sign will depend on the trail you are following as some trails are shorter than others, and it will also depend on the fitness of the individual hiking.

Generally, the hike to the Hollywood sign will take between 2 to 3 hours although it can be lesser or more for some people.

Do You Have to Pay to Walk to the Hollywood Sign?

No, you do not have to pay to walk to the Hollywood sign.

If on your way to see the Hollywood sign you pay for anything, it will probably be for a taxi or an Uber but you don’t have to pay to walk to the sign, it is free. However, you’re still advised to come along with some cash.


Before setting out to go to the Hollywood sign, ensure you have all the details right and be ready for the hike if you want to get as close as possible even if it’s from behind. Wear sturdy shoes and also have a bottle of water handy.