Can a 65 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Accord

Most people who buy a 65 Inch TV do so because they do not want a small TV. However, purchasing a 65-inch TV is not the issue, the real issue is being able to fit it into your car and being able to transport it home.

Usually, when transporting a 65 Inch TV, you may need to get a big car like an SUV but what happens if you don’t have an SUV? can a 65 Inch TV fit in a Honda Accord?

Yes, a 65 Inch Tv can fit in a Honda Accord but you will need the help of someone in putting it in your Honda Accord. You also need to fold down your back seat and put the TV facing down or standing. Don’t drive too long and avoid large bumpy roads.

Width and Diameter of a 65 Inch TV?

The width of a 65 Inch TV is between 56.7” and 57.25” while the diameter is 31.9” 81cm.

When taking the measurement of a 65 Inch TV, the width should be measured diagonally from one end of the TV to the other not forgetting to include the TV frame in the measurement.

It is worth noting that the dimension of a 65 Inch TV will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The 65 Inch TV, irrespective of the brand, has been a best seller because of its ability to fit into almost all room sizes and its picture quality. Before purchasing a 65 Inch TV ensure that you consider its actual size with that of your room.

What is the Size of a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord is a midsize sedan with a length of 4933mm, a width of 1849mm, a height of 1464mm, and a wheelbase of 2776mm. This size may however vary from one Honda Accord type to the other.

Honda Accord is widely known for its durability and reliability. Other things that contribute to the size of the car are its spacious interior and trunk.

Can a 65 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Accord?

Yes, you can fit a 65 Inch TV in a Honda Accord. However, fitting the 65 Inch TV in the car is not the issue, the issue will be whether you can transport the TV to its destination without damaging it.

How to Make a 65-Inch TV Fit in a Honda Accord?

In some cases, it may be hard to get a 65 Inch TV to fit inside a Honda Accord. It could be because you are putting it in wrongly or putting it in through the back seat when it should in the car trunk and vice versa.

Here are easy tips on how to make a 65 Inch TV Fit in a Honda Accord:

Get Someone to Help

The first step in making your 65 Inch TV fit inside your Honda Accord is getting someone to help.

Getting the TV in the car may look like an easy task but it isn’t because of the size of the TV.

You also need someone to help you so as to prevent the TV from hitting the sides of the car when fitting it in, it also saves time.

If you can get more than one person to help that will be perfect, the more the easier it is to get the TV fitted in the car.

Fold Down the Car Seat

If you decide to fit the TV in the car through the back seat, you will have to fold down the seat. Folding down the car seat gives you enough room to properly position the TV without fear of it getting damaged in transit.

With the car seat folded down, you can decide to put the TV facing down or standing although it is usually preferable to position the TV standing and not facing down.

Remove the Box

In order to make your 65 Inch TV fit in a Honda Accord, you may also need to remove the box; although this shouldn’t be your first course of action and it may not be the safest.

Removing the box on a TV makes it smaller and reduces the space it will occupy as the box itself tends to take up a lot of space.

If you want to go with the option of removing the box, it will be in your best interest to have someone sit with it in the back seat because the box removal makes the TV more susceptible to damage.

You need to be very careful when doing this, other than having someone sit with the TV, you also need to be very careful if you are driving on a bumpy road and not drive beyond the speed limit.

Put it in the Car Trunk

Another way to make a 65 Inch TV fit inside the Honda Accord is putting it in the car through the trunk.

Other than the back seat you can also put the TV in the car trunk; although because of the size, you may need to fold down the seat.

Without the back seat folded down, it will be a bit difficult to get the TV fully fitted into the trunk and the trunk will be left open which isn’t a safe option when transporting a TV.

Safety Tips for Transporting a 65 Inch TV on a Honda Accord

Getting the TV to fit into the car isn’t enough to ensure its safety, you need to take some precautionary measures to ensure you get it to its destination with damage.

Here are some safety tips you can use when transporting a 65 Inch TV on a Honda Accord;

  • Position the TV upright either in the back seat or trunk. Leaving it face down is not advisable as it could cause pixel or bending damage on the TV.
  • Ensure it is positioned in a way sunlight will not have direct contact with it. It should not be positioned in a wet place.
  • If you are removing the original box, ensure the TV is properly wrapped. You could use a protective box, blankets.
  • Leave the protective foam on. You do not need to remove the protective foam on the TV if you want to remove the original box
  • Ensure the TV is adequately supported
  • Use safety belt. In order to use a safety belt, you will need to put the TV in the back seat
  • Use a safety band. If you want to put the TV in the trunk, you may need to get a safety band if you don’t have one already. A safety band will help to restrict the movement of the TV when you are driving.


To avoid the problem of not being able to fit the 65 Inch in your car, you should know the exact size of the car and that of the TV. By doing this, adequate preparation will be made for transportation.