What to Do After Replacing Throttle Body

What to do after replacing the throttle body is to reprogram the new throttle body to work with your car. While reprogramming differs from vehicle to vehicle, you need to ensure to do it the right way, or else, your car may not start.

Can I Replace Throttle Body by Myself?

Replacing a bad throttle body is not difficult so you can do that yourself. But if you feel that you don’t like the idea of dirty gloves and all, then you can take your car to a repair center. All you need, if you want to replace the throttle body yourself, is a flashlight and screwdriver.

Replacing a throttle body is not a big deal because, with constant use, a throttle body can wear off or become faulty. When it becomes faulty, then it would need a replacement.

  • To replace the throttle body, wear protective glasses, garments, and shoes. You wouldn’t want to have fuel in your eyes or on your clothes.
  • After protecting yourself, open the hood of your car to find the throttle body of the engine.
  • After this, remove the air intake duct and check if the throttle body has worn out. If it has, you need to replace it.
  • Remove the cable of the throttle body and remove the air hoses from it.
  • You also have to remove the throttle position sensor.
  • Remove the assembly of the throttle body after you’ve removed the mounting screws of the throttle body.
  • Replace the old gasket with the new one. The new one should be between the throttle body and the manifold.

To install the new throttle body, position it the way the old one is so that the hoses and cables can be connected rightly when installing.

Follow the steps in the manual while installing the new throttle body. When you are done installing and replacing all you’ve removed, start the engine and see if it’s working.

What to Do after Replacing Throttle Body?

When you install a new throttle body, you don’t just start your car and drive off thinking all has been done. There are things you still need to do after replacing it.

You need to reprogram the throttle body so that it will work with the new vehicle. The throttle body needs to get used to the new host.

Reprogramming the throttle body is different from vehicle to vehicle and this is based on the different manufacturers there are.

The first thing to do after installing it is to turn on the car and allow it to run without driving it around. Let the car run for some time so that it will get used to the new throttle body.

While this will cause the throttle body to align with some vehicles, other vehicles require that you drive them around for miles before it is programmed.

You will have to increase the speed or reduce the speed. You can also call the manufacturer of your vehicle to know how reprogramming is done.

For Nissan

However, if you replaced the throttle body in your Nissan vehicle, the procedure below is what to do:

  • After replacing the throttle body in your Nissan vehicle, do not put your key to start the car, leave it for a little while.
  • Now, put the key in the starter and turn it to the “on” position, but don’t start the car
  • While it is in the “on” position, wait 3 seconds, and press the accelerator 5 times in 5 seconds.
  • Now, wait 7 seconds, and hold the accelerator down.
  • When the accelerator is held down, the check engine light should start blinking
  • While it’s blinking, you need to continue to hold the pedal down until it stops blinking.
  • Now, you can then start the car

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to do it this way, you can reprogram the new throttle body.

Do You Have to Reset a Computer After Replacing a Throttle Position Sensor?

The throttle position sensor is located on the shaft and is used to regulate the air taken in by the engine. The throttle position sensor can become faulty. When it does, the throttle body won’t be working well.

You will notice signs like your engine not starting, acceleration problems, or struggles when trying to change gear.

  • To replace the throttle position sensor yourself, you need to remove the negative battery first.
  • Remove the electrical connector of the sensor and then unscrew the throttle position sensor mounting screws.
  • You can then remove the sensor.
  • Position the new sensor rightly and screw the mounting screws.
  • Connect the electrical connector and the negative battery back.
  • Some throttle position sensors need adjustment while others don’t.
  • If yours needs adjustment, it is advisable you check for information on it from the factory.

You don’t have to reset the computer after you replaced a bad throttle position sensor; the computer would reset itself.

When your engine detects a check engine light on, it would remove the code that is pending and work on the issue. All codes would be cleared after the engine has run its learning cycle.

If the computer needs a hard reset, all you should do is disconnect the negative battery for 5 minutes and replace it. You can also need to calibrate the throttle position sensor to make it valid.

Final Thoughts

Having adequate knowledge about your vehicle will help you know what to do when somethings come up. The throttle body can wear out due to long use so you need to care for your vehicle well. If you want to replace your throttle body or pieces in it, you can follow the steps above, but if you don’t want to, visit your repair center.